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Do you say: “I’m not where I want to be…?”

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Why do people always say, “I’m not where I want to be…?”

I’ll admit. I used to say this. I used to say it all the time. I used to feel like I needed people to know I was not happy with where I was. They needed to know that I did not think that I was at a good spot, and I didn’t want them to think that this was my standard. I wanted more. And they needed to know that.

Firstly, why do I care what they think?

Well, maybe they are a potential client and they are looking at my body and thinking that there’s no way I could be a nutrition coach in this condition. Or maybe they are in the fitness industry, and they are in great shape, and I need them to know that I “used” to be more fit – and I feel the need to say it because I wan’t to tell them that I know, before they think it about me.

Let’s address the client issue….

First of all, my goal is to have clients feel good about themselves and their bodies. And I teach positive thoughts and affirmations. And when I begin my first conversation with my potential client by telling them I’m not where I want to be – I am automatically turning them off. Who would want to coach with someone who is not happy with themselves?

In fact, being a bit higher on the body fat percentage actually helps me to relate to my clients. I can be open and honest and transparent about my journey and they can see that it is attainable.

Fitness professionals on the covers of magazines can seem so unattainable, and what I am getting stronger and fitter each dayoffering is a way to be healthy and fit in your own life in a balanced way.

As far as other people in the fitness industry, who cares what they think? Most of them are my friends, and they are competitors, and my weight or physique does not matter to the conversation. In addition, this industry already has so many people with body dysmorphia, and that person is probably having their own body images issues and I don’t need to add to the problem. My life and my physique is my journey and I don’t need to justify it to anyone.

When I begin to feel the need to justify, this comes from feelings of shame and remorse and feeling like I am not worthy of being included in the fitness community. And I don’t need to feel that way…and neither do you.

Next time you feel yourself thinking — “I’m not where I want to be..” STOP. Don’t let the words come out of your mouth, because what we speak is what becomes our reality.

When you keep telling yourself you are not where you want to be, then you will truly never be happy with where you are – no matter what your weight or body fat. Instead, you replace those words with something positive and true:

“I’m working on a new program and am excited for the progress I am seeing and that I will see in a few months. I am so committed to feeling better and I know that I am getting stronger and fitter each and everyday!”



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