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What to do when you mess up.

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camyk.com heartWhat do you do when you mess up?


I’m writing this post as a response to my recent mess-up. I committed to writing a blog a day for the month of April and I didn’t post yesterday. I was traveling for work and had a very hectic day and I didn’t find the time to write a post. So now I’m sharing with you what I do when I don’t reach my goals.


Here’s the deal. You have to be true to YOU. If you make a commitment, you should stick to it. But there is also the stress-management factor of life where sometimes you need to say “NO” to things in order to keep you sanity and physical well-being in tact.


Here’s how I bounce back from a mess-up.

1. Give yourself a break.

  • If you work hard, then you know sometimes you have to give yourself permission to not get everything done that you were supposed to do that day. Let yesterday go and move on to tomorrow with a refreshed mind and let go of guilt.

2. Do what you can do to “make up” for it.

  • If you took a week off from you meal plan or workout plan due to a vacation or visiting family — it’s okay! You correctly assessed your priorities and realized that this time was valuable and you put your energy towards enjoying that time. Now that you have had those “fun foods” and a little relaxing time, just get back to it. Make an effort to hit all your workouts this week and make some healthy foods. All is not lost because you took a week off!

3. Don’t give in to the mentality that you are a failure or a bad person.

  • You are great! Plain and simple. You are balancing work, family, relationships, sleep, stress, workouts and nutrition and it will always be a balancing act. Some things will get more attention than others at different times and that is okay. We have a long life to live and worrying about being perfect is not going to add anything to your life.

4. Take time to de-stress.

  • If I miss my workouts or meals and I am stressed with a bunch of work stuff, I can feel my heart rate increasing and my body get tense. My mind is racing and I end up losing sleep. Then I end up having crazy cravings from the lack of sleep. When I give into cravings my body reacts to the sodium and sugar and I get even more lethargic. This is when I do a mental “TIME OUT”. I need to assess what I can get done in a day and what needs to wait for tomorrow. I make time for that workout because I know it is a major stress reliever. It doesn’t need to be intense. Just get out for a walk or lift a few weights. Its amazing how your body responds to a workout!

Learn to love yourself even when you make mistakes. Don’t try to live up to the need to be perfect, because you will always feel like a failure.


-camy kennedy

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