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Vision Board Workshop at Koket Boutique, Raleigh, NC – April 7, 2019

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Vision Board Workshop in Raleigh, NC

Save your seat at the Vision Board Workshop at Koket Boutique on April 7th, 1-3pm.

Build your Vision. FIND YOUR TRIBE.

Sunday, April 7 | 1pm-3pm| @ Koket Boutique, 8111 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613

  • | Learn how to make a Vision Board that WORKS | 
  • | Identify limiting beliefs | 
  • | Stop taking yourself so seriously | 
  • | Have a drink & a laugh! |

Why make a Vision Board? Whether you’re a pro at making Vision Boards or have never made one before, this mini-event will help you connect to what it really is you want and help you imagine getting there! 

Many women have heard of a “vision board” before, but may not know the purpose of it – or even how to start making one. 

  • Even if you’re “not creative”, this workshop is for you! You will be given all the supplies and guidance on how to make one that’s BEST for you. 
  • Learn why if you’ve made a vision board in the past WHY it didn’t work. Hear stories of students who’ve already received the things on thier vision boards! 
  • Even if you are nervous of what to expect, you will be guided every step of the way. This day is about YOU! Finally start believing in yourself and the desires you have in life. Believe you are WORTHY of receiving.

What should I expect? 

Come in with an open mind. We create a safe space for people of all backgrounds and faiths. Set aside 2 hours of your time for yourself! 

  • If you’ve never been to this type of workshop, expect to be a little nervous when you walk in – but then realize that everyone is stepping outside thier comfort zone. Life begins outside of our comfort zone. 
  • Open with some refreshments, some laughs and an introduction to Vision Boarding with your Coach, Camy Kennedy. Learn how to connect with your desires, set your intentions, and quit taking ourselves so seriously!
  • Some of us don’t even know WHAT we really want and that’s okay! In this space we will silence the noise of everyday life and get in touch with how we truly want to feel.
  • All Supplies will be provided.
  • Optional: You can bring 5-10 magazines to use and share.

Hosted by Alexandra Del Rio of Koket Boutique 

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Koket Boutique owner, Alexandra Del Rio, has always been a true islander at heart. Alexandra loves bold, bright, happy colors and patterns in her clothing. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University and moved to North Carolina in 2008, where she meet her other half, Ron. He is her biggest supporter, cheerleader and silent partner.

Alexandra opened Koket Boutique in 2016 when the stresses of the corporate world had taken a toll on her and she yearned for a creative outlet. Fashion always had her heart and while shopping, her go-to stress reliever, she noticed that there wasn’t a lot of fashion that spoke to her. And that is how a dream was started.

Tht same year, her sweet little miracle baby girl, Elenor, was born and life just become funnier, sweeter and exciting.

Fashion is a creative outlet for Alexandra. She likes and looks for clothing that is trendy, comfortable and goes from day to night with ease.

Fun before, during and after the workshop. 

Drink wine, sip tea, laugh and envision your best life. Store will open at 12pm if you’d like to come early to shop!

  • Store opens at 12pm if you’d like to come early to shop
  • Beverages and light refreshments will be provided. Optional: Bring your own wine or refreshments.
  • All supplies will be provided and are included in the workshop price. Optional: Bring 5-10 magazines to cut and share, or any other art supplies such as washi tape, inspirational quotes, images, items, etc.
  • Ask questions or request a free life coaching session from Camy after the workshop



About Your Mindset Coach, Camy Kennedy

Camy’s been an overweight tomboy biology nerd for most of her life. She struggled with disordered eating, body dysmorphia, unhealthy relationships and irresponsible behavior as a young adult. Through retreats, coaching, masterminds, faith and a strong conviction to live to her potential, Camy is continually transforming her life while teaching others the tools to do the same.

Camy’s personal transformation has helped inspire hundreds of people to transform their lives. She brings straightforward strategies, spirituality, proven systems, personal stories, case studies and community to her coaching groups. As an avid learner in the self-development space, she has also written a goal based devotional called Create.Believe.Conquer and launched a podcast called Fit.Faith Freedom, sharing mindset strategies for success.

Camy’s strength is in her ability to help clients breakthrough their stories so they can let go of limiting beliefs and transform their futures.

When she’s not coaching, Camy works at a biotech company in Raleigh, and lives with her boyfriend in Fayetteville with their two dogs, Daisy and Beau.

Questions? Contact: camy@camykennedy.com

Sign up for the Vision Board Workshop and learn how to create a Vision Board that WORKS{Space limited}

Value: $200

Today: $33

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