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Ultimate Accountability Coaching

Join my Ultimate Accountability Coaching Program

Need the Ultimate Accountability? Want to finally see results and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that you can continue to live and love? In this 12 week program, I guide you through what’s currently holding you back, what’s not serving you right now, and what tools you can use to make progress today. Get the Ultimate Accountability and the Ultimate Success.

holding you backThrough coaching calls we will worth through your current thought process and current habit that are not serving you. We will really pinpoint your goals, but most importantly focus on your why. One of the biggest reasons people fail is because they focus too much on all the things they have to do to reach their goal, and not enough on the outcome.

create a planOn each call we will take a look at you lifestyle and determine what will work for you in terms of nutrition and fitness choices. If what you are currently doing isn’t working, then we need to identify what does!

be successfulWith a few simple tools, you can learn the best times to place your treats into your day to make the least impact on your progress. A plan is only going to work if it is sustainable for your lifestyle. My tools help you navigate any food situation.

What you get...

12 weeks of all access coaching for accountability, questions, workouts & checkins

Weekly Check-ins via text & email

11 coaching calls (45 minutes) & 90 minute intensive goal setting & onboarding call

Full Access to The Better Method Online Course Materials, videos, tutorials

Email Access for check ins and troubleshooting

Grocery shopping help, meal prep ideas, resources for recipes

I work with a limited number of women at a time, and require that we hold a discovery call to make sure this is the right fit. The women I work with are motivated to change their lifestyle by taking the next step, and need someone there for accountability, resources and coaching. Expect to see changes in your body when you commit to a training program along with my nutrition coaching. Most of my clients are already working out in the gym and are looking to increase their results by taking a look at their nutrition.

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