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“The Lean 15” – Weight Training + Efficient Cardio = Awesome Bod (Here’s EXACTLY How)

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Don’t we all need less time in the gym and more time for friends and good food?

When my business coach and mentor, Jill Coleman, told me she was launching a new SUPER effective workout program (3o mins or less with CARDIO + WEIGHTS) I was so excited to get on board! I mean, I always see her drinking wine and eating malt balls, and getting a ton of stuff done in her business, which makes me ask — when does she have time to workout!?

I invited her to come on to share a FREE workout with you and show how she looks this shredded while still enjoying time with friends and the frequent glass of wine 😉

P.S. You can find out about her new #treadLIFT program here — access ends on May 6th, 2016!


“The Lean 15” – Weight Training + Efficient Cardio = Awesome Bod (Here’s EXACTLY How)

Thank you, Camy for letting me take over your blog for the day and talk about something I’m super passionate about: short mofo workouts. Well, not just short, but also ones that actually change your body. And I am going to share with you exactly how I went from doing hours of cardio a day to 30 minutes a day with even better results.

It’s not rocket science, it’s actual science.

Your body cannot change if there isn’t adequate force imposed upon it.

This is why we build muscle when we lift heavy weights to bring the muscles to fatigues. It’s why we get sore when we do track sprints for the first time in years. And it’s even why sometimes after a really high-pressure deep tissue massage, we feel sore as hell for a few days.

Your body requires adequate intensity if you want to change it.

So if the goal is to get more cardiovascularly fit, or lose body fat, would we ever tell someone to just “stay in the aerobic zone and make sure you can still talk to your neighbor?”

Sure, that’s fine for burning a few calories and boosting your mood and getting a little sweat on, but if we are talking noticeable physique results, we need to do more intense workouts.

However, here’s the caveat.

If we push the intensity to the point that no, we cannot talk to our neighbor, and get breathless at times and burning in the muscles at times, then automatically the workouts are going to have to be shorter.

One, because the longer the workout, the more pacing happens. And two, when we exercise, certain hormones are released, that influence both fat loss and muscle gain. Things like cortisol and adrenaline/noradrenaline (catabolic, stress hormones that can strip muscle) and things like growth hormone and testosterone (anabolic hormones that help us build muscle), are released in various amounts during exercise.

However, the relative amounts of these hormones vary with the type of exercise you do, how long you exercise (duration) and the intensity with which you train.

Heavy weight training, metabolic conditioning and interval cardio are all examples of short, intense training modalities that increase those anabolic hormones right alongside the catabolic stress hormones, creating an optimal hormonal soup to push the body to change shape: lose fat and gain muscle.

So how do you put together a workout like that?

This week, I am launching a brand spankin’ new workout program called #treadLIFT, full of combo treadmill intervals and dumbbell-based lifts that are all 30 minutes or less. There are 36 workouts total, some to BURN fat, others to BUILD muscle and lastly, some to BOOST your cardiovascular capacity. If you want to see exactly how I put these together and try them yourself, grab your copy HERE before midnight Friday May 6 th , when registration closes. But if you want to try putting these together yourself, here’s a simple formula to do it:

“The Lean 15”

You build a 30-minute workout using two 15-minute parts: 1 cardio interval + 1 strength circuit.

Fitness doesn't need to be complicated or take all day, it just needs to be consistent. - Jill Coleman

Fitness doesn’t need to be complicated or take all day, it just needs to be consistent. – Jill Coleman

Choose your 15-minute interval segment:

  • Treadmill flat sprints
  • Treadmill incline sprints
  • Bike sprints
  • Rowing machine sprints
  • Elliptical sprints

Once you choose the type of equipment you’ll do your sprints on, you do the following:

  • Push as hard as you can for 1 minute, rest super easy for 1 minute. Complete 8 rounds to finish at 15 minutes.
  • Be sure to increase the resistance and/or speed for your pushing segments and try not to pace. The goal is to go as hard as possible, and make that pushing segment a true peak. You should be breathless and burning by the end of 1 minute.

Then, you choose your 15-minute lifting segment:

  • Chest/triceps/shoulders
  • Back/biceps
  • Legs

Once you choose which muscle groups you are going to train in the circuit, you choose 3 exercises that work them. For example:

  • For chest/triceps/shoulders, you might choose chest press, dips and shoulders presses.
  • For back/biceps, you might choose pull-ups, rows and standing hammer curls.
  • For legs, you might choose squats, lunges and bench step-ups.

The reason you choose only 3 movements to do is because I like to think about it like this: every 5 min = 1 exercise. So if you were doing a 10-min circuit, you’d choose 2 movements. Fifteen minutes = 3 movements. And for 20-minute circuits, you’d choose 4 movements, and so on.

#treadLIFT workouts are designed just like this, and the reason is because you need enough volume (reps x weight) of each movement to force the body to respond. If you are doing 8 exercises in 15 minutes, there’s barely any time for multiple sets. You want to get at least 4 sets in 15 minutes, if you are doing 10 reps of each exercise.

So choose your movements, and circuit them for 15 minutes, doing 10 reps of one exercise before moving to the next. Get as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

Record how many rounds you get and try to beat it next time. Or increase the weight you’re using. This is the concept of Progressive Overload, and your body needs to be challenged to respond.

A quick rule of thumb: if you get more than 5 rounds, increase the weight next time. If you get less than 3 rounds, decrease the weight next time.

“The Lean 15”: 15-minute cardio intervals + 15-minute high-volume strength circuit = awesome bod.

PLUS, you can get away with only 30 minutes in the gym because intensity trumps everything when it comes to results.

Because of the intensity, I recommend doing this 3-4 times a week, MAX, and doing more active recovery stuff on off days.

Look no further than Olympic sprinters to see the impact of intensity on body change. They don’t have 6-packs because they do crunches for hours. They have them because they force their body to respond every day in training.

We can do that, too.

Try The Lean 15 workout and see how you do!

And if you want 36 done-for- you high-intensity, short-duration workouts, be sure to get your copy of #treadLIFT here – the last day to register is Friday May 6 th !



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