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Welcome to The Better Method

WaffleStack“Camy has such great energy and makes me smile!” – Past participant in The Better Method

doughnuts_selection__medium_4x31“All I can say is BALANCE!! This is seriously what I have been searching for, for years!” – Lindsay, graduate of The Better Method

Without balance, we are just falling prey to societial influencnes, marketing, body image issues and anxiety over food, fitness and health. The Better Method 8 Week Online Nutrition Course focuses on 3 pillars of health: balanced eating, training tough, enlighten/relax. We explore components of these methods each week and graduates report feeling more in control of their health, food choices and anxieties. A higher level of balance was reported from surveyed graduates.

What is it?

An 8 week online nutrition course with videos, weekly emails, access to a closed Facebook group and a complete ebook that walks you through the steps of the methodology. A community of people who are looking for the same thing – to find what works for them and to stop following “rules”.

This is a DIY course – “do-it-yourself” and includes no access to group coaching or one on one coaching. However, private coaching calls can be booked here.

What will you gain after going through the 8 week online course?

If right now you are currently struggling with food and your body image and weight, then this course will begin to teach you how to be more balanced. This is not a “program” that has food given to you that you “follow”. This is about finding out what works for you, what keeps your energy up, and keeps you happy and feeling healthy.  As you commit your attention and focus to partnering with me over these eight weeks to create a method that works for you, these are the results you can expect:

  • Increased confidence in preparing balanced meals
  • Reduced anxiety when making decisions about food
  • Avoidance of dieting mentality – you will NEVER be on a “diet” again!
  • Positive perspective, confidence and knowledge relating to exercise and food
  • Increased acceptance of you own body
  • Better habits leading to personal growth and more relaxation
  • Reduced confusion regarding when to eat and how to eat

Although the goal of this system is not to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time (because we know that doesn’t work), I’ve had clients lose 11-15 pounds in 8 weeks by implementing the tools in the Better Method to create lasting fat loss. We’ve all done those programs that promise to provide quick results, and they may work short term, but what happened in the months following? We gained that weight plus double back! This system helps you find YOUR solution to lasting fat loss.

How is it delivered?

  • Weekly emails will be delivered on Saturdays with your latest video training
  • Comprehensive tutorial guide outlining the complete nutrition, fitness and lifestyle curriculum
  • Complementary workbook that allows you to engage with the education and pinpoint the places in your own life and schedule that need some fine tuning
  • Weekly bonus emails with recipes, tips for food prep, on-the-go meals, convenience foods, workouts, and dealing with non-supportive people on your journey
  • This is a DIY program. The beauty is you can work at your own pace as you watch the weekly education videos, listen to the interviews, and work through the workbook to guide you to the nutritional strategies that work best for you.

The Better Method is a community of women who demand autonomy, but want to work with someone who knows their struggles.  You want to be confident with your fitness, nutrition and life and are willing to take control of your outcome.  Together we will break free from the dieting expectations and be a #rulebreakerforlife . Once you finish The Better Method program, you will have a strong set of tools to navigate the nutrition game.

What will we be covering?

| Balanced Eating | Training Tough | Enlighten + Relax |

  • Week 1:   Your meal plan foundation – the goal is to work from this
  • Week 2:  #MMMP – More meals, more protein & eating in threes
  • Week 3:   IIFYM vs Clean Eating – options and limitations of both
  • Week 4:  MRs – meal replacements, supplements to support your lifestyle
  • Week 5:   Training Tough – your HIIT workouts designed for maximum calorie burn, afterburn and metabolic furnace
  • Week 6:   Calories in vs. Calories out – how many calories? Do I subtract my exercise? Fit bit? HR monitor
  • Week 7:  Food sensitivities & Alkalinity: gluten, dairy, eggs, artificial sweeteners
  • Week 8:   enlighten and relax – personal growth on the journey

Who is it for?

Women who have struggled with weight gain and weight loss over the years, dieting constantly, either being “on plan” or “off plan”, binge eating or depriving. Those who are willing to take the time to learn and invest in their knowledge of nutrition in order to finally feel free from the anxiety related to food. You are sick of dieting and not seeing results and are ready to find something that is Better, and can last for a lifetime, not just for 8-12 weeks.

Who is it not for?

  • someone who is not ready to take full responsibility for their process
  • someone who is looking for a “comply or die” form of dieting
  • someone who does not want to think for themselves
  • someone who is looking for a fast, unsustainable approach 😉
  • a vegetarian or vegan who is not able to consume supplemental protein, probably not the best system for you

Break the dieting rules, and finally find your solution to lasting fat loss!

“TBM has led me toward a more balanced lifestyle in regards to both eating and training. I’ve learned how to relax and actually listen to my body. The most beneficial part of the program has been learning to eat in threes and how to incorporate the foods I love into my lifestyle goals!”


“The Better Method helped me gain perspective with becoming more mindful of my food choices through balanced eating. Also, keeping connected and sharing progress really helped keep me accountable.”


“The Better Method has helped me realize that it is okay to break the rules.
Life doesn’t have to be so structured. You have choices.
Several important principles I have learned were about balancing eating. Eating in threes to help balance sugar levels, and how important it is for me to implement protein into my diet.”


Training Tough

A value worth hundreds…The Better Method Comparision

Are you ready to finally get off the wagon forever? Whatever scares you the most, is usually the thing you most need to do. Join the rule breakers, and live your life free from anxiety around food.

All this value…

I always used to think “skinny” was what I wanted, but that is no longer what I strive for. I want to be strong, I want to feel good, and I want to be comfortable in my clothes. -G.B.

My biggest goal is to find BALANCE and stop obsessing over eating all the right things and then feeling guilty and worried when I let loose and enjoy something “unhealthy”. -L.W.

So much of what we do revolves around food, I need to find a way to enjoy and not negate all the work I’m doing in the gym. Mostly I’m looking forward to new relationships with lovely women of like mind. Here’s to the journey. -D.L.

I feel like I’m finally at a point where I can be honest with myself and most importantly feel ready to make positive changes to feel more free! -L.W.