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Take a walk….instead of stuffing your face

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Oh man, I had one of those days…you know the ones — where you just go, go, go and almost forget to eat (or in my case, def not eat enough!)

I’m getting ready to get on a plane for a fitness summit tomorrow morning, and I’m not even packed yet! (#YOLO).
Things to be done, people to impact, suitcases to be packed, nails to be painted and manicured and a perfect spray tan to be had.
In the midst, I’ll admit…I was feeling a bit whirly in my power center (the 3rd chakra located at your solar plexus). So many things buzzing around in my head, and so many things to do…..


I rushed home with my hands full of gym bag, work bag, purse and lunch box and my poor dog hasn’t seen me in days (it feels like) because I’ve been preparing for this trip and working a lot of hours.
So there I was in the moment of choice — to have a binge fest or to check in with myself and my whirly spinny feelings and CHOOSE.
I didn’t even really have any food prepared. So this is what my “dinner” consisted of…
3/4 cup of lentils with siracha
1 cup of rice noodles with beef bouillon
1 serving of protein “cookie dough” with chocolate chips
There it was. After a frenzy of hunger and three different servings of food I was finally full. Now I could think, move and breathe.
I was still thinking to myself, what do I do first!? 
In this moment I couldn’t think clearly…
So I took a walk with my dog. My dog always centers me. She only cares about the immediate thing in front of her: food, water, smelly dog urine or poo —SQUIRREL!

 So I tuned in, felt the air move past my skin, and the warm sun on my face and arms, and found a Deepak Chopra meditation on youtube.

It was all about letting go of fear and living in the spirit space – where everything is love. And he reminded me with his soothing words….”pet your cat” that we should tune in to the simplicity of everyday life and stop taking ourselves and everything so seriously. And at that moment I started busting out laughing at the way he said “pet your cat” (if you’ve heard his accent you know what I mean!)
Let’s be honest here. I’m not that important. The world will not stop spinning if I take a week off of work.
Me leaving the studio for a week will not mean that everything is in shambles when I return. Everything is manageable and fixable. I’m also getting ready to sell my car. so those thoughts were swirling in my head……


​And there I was back with my dog Lady who was happily lapping up sediment filled rain water off of the 3 inch deep moving puddle on the sidewalk, due to 3 days of recent rains.
It’s all okay. 
You see, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. To get it all done and get it done completely right each day. We give our 100% towards everything.
But when you spend your entire day outwardly giving….who is spending time giving to you? Who is filling you up? 

The answer should be YOU.

Connecting to God, nature, the universe, to the ultimate source of love. Breathing into and feeling the air and sunlight around you. That’s sometimes all that you need to recharge and reset.
Take it from me – you can’t keep going at 100 miles per hour without consequences to your body.

Your health, both spiritual and physical rely on you investing in your own well being. 

You’ve got to give back to YOU. And I want to help you with this.
Over the next 6 weeks, starting on May 1st, I’m opening an online Summer Body Challenge.
Yes – it’s about nutrition and fitness, but it’s also about mindset, ME time and fitting all the things you have to do into your busy schedule. It’s about finding balance, and happiness NOW in the midst of whatever you are going through.
Take these next 6 weeks to commit to YOU, your nutrition and your goals!
Today is the first day open to the public so I’m giving away 4 BONUSES when you enroll today! April 25th before 11:59pm EST only!
Enroll TODAY and get 4 FREE bonuses!
1. 20 minute private coaching call
2. 4 Week Glute training workout program
3. FREE 1 Hour Supplements for Success webinar
4. Supplements for Success Complete Guide
Find out more here and enroll! www.camykennedy.com/summer-body-challenge
Enrollment closes on Friday, April 28th at 9pm EST. *And these bonuses will go away* after today!
health + happiness and deep breathing,
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