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Sunday Success: Prepare for the week ahead

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Sundays are meant for resting and recovering, but also to prepare you for success in the upcoming week.


Here I share 5 things that can help you start off your week right. Pick just one (or 3) to try today and see the effects in your week ahead. With change, it’s best to pick something you know you can accomplish, to set yourself up for success.

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1. Prepare your meals for the week.

  • This means make some grilled chicken to through in your fridge to throw together a wrap or salad. Put your meals/snacks in containers for an easy morning and getting out of the house on time.

2. Pack your gym bag or lay out your gym clothes for the next day.

  • This is you making an appointment with yourself to ensure you devote that time to your health.

3. Put a jug of water in the fridge so that it is cold and ready to drink for the next day.

  • Tote this guy to work with you or have a water bottle that you keep at work.

4. JOURNAL or read a book before bed that will inspire you for the day ahead.

  • Write down 1 goal for the next day. It can be anything big or small: “make all of my sales calls before noon”, “get up for the gym in the morning”, “say once nice thing to my coworker tomorrow”. Whatever inspires you and whatever keeps you motivated — write this down.

5. Get your house in a state of order.

  • I’m not saying it needs to be deep cleaned, but having the laundry put away and tomorrow’s clothes picked out make things a lot easier for the next day.

6. Turn that TV off and get into bed.

  • Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep to ensure a great day ahead!


Share any tips you have below…what do you do to prepare for the week ahead?


-camy kennedy

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