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Stress doesn’t come from the facts…

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“…it comes from the meaning we give to the facts.”

-Tony Robbins


I was coaching a client this week and she was having trouble sticking to her nutrition plan we had laid out, and had also admitted that after work she is so “tired and stressed” that she just wants to go home and relax.

How many of us feel like that every single day?

I know I did. I worked 10+ hour days in addition to traveling on a plane, getting home late, sometimes even at 1 am after a business trip.



Do you think I felt like getting up and going to the gym? NO! And guess what — many times I didn’t.


I would be exhausted after being on a plane for 4-5 hours and dealing with all the airport security, feeling grungy from the plane, trying to talk to taxi drivers that didn’t speak English, carrying my over stuffed bags (because I had to pack my food), and finally sitting on my hotel room bed — I didn’t want to do anything except shower, drink a liter of water, turn on the tv and veg out for the night. And I’ll admit — that happened a lot. That was my struggle for 2.5 years. Until I finally decided that I had enough. And quit. my job.


I’m not suggesting that you quit your job.

But I am suggesting that you quit stressing over your job and those things in life you can’t change (or don’t want to change). If you are in a job you like — but the schedule and day-to-day sometimes gets overwhelming, I’m with you. We all have those days and actually, many people live their lives stressed out about something. But I’m growing to learn that stress is a choice.

I used to “stress” out about packing my food and cooking my meals ahead of time before every trip. It was exhausting. Until I decided to just make the best choices I could on trips (the company was paying for my meals anyway!)  I used to stress out about packing, until I decided to take just what I needed on the trip. I used to stress out about not getting in “leg day” or “back day” on the specific day/time that I wanted to. And now. I don’t have a job. I’m at home full time. Without a steady income. Without benefits. And still with all of my bills. And I don’t have stress.


I should be stressed!


I mean, after all I don’t have a job and and I have a balance on my credit card. But for some reason, this does not phase me. Why? Because I’ve seen all the things I have to be thankful for. I see that life is what we make it. I also see that I will have to start working as a server at a restaurant on weekends to be able to pay the bills for a while. A year ago that would have been unacceptable to me. Me?!!! A Server??!! But I have a degree in Molecular Cell Biology!! And I’m too smart / good /  experienced / talented to be doing this!  But instead….this is what I thought….

“Wow, I’m blessed that this opportunity came up at the right time for me to make some extra money!”

And I’ve done a lot harder things so I should be able to handle serving food to people and working hard for extra cash (tips). And I bet I will meet a lot of new clients that need my services at this Italian restaurant!

There isn’t one solution for stress — or a magic dust that can make the stress evaporate.

And I am with you and I feel your pain. There are times when situations are out of our control. But there are things that we can control – and if you can decide that you are going to do your best — maybe not PERFECT how you would like…but just do the best you can do in the situation, then the stress will begin to dissipate.

We expect ourselves to be perfect and do everything 100%.

There are times when we can do that — but most times, we will have to work with our situation and DECIDE to do what will help us the most long term. That can mean deciding to go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill this week. Sometimes just telling yourself to get there, all of a sudden you end up having a great workout. And if you miss a day, or two or a WEEK – forgive yourself and move on.

You have 51 more weeks in the year to make up for that — so don’t STRESS!



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