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Spring Loaded: A Workout by Jen Sinkler

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Are you ready to lift weights faster?

I wanted to find something that would be achievable for my followers when things get really busy and we just can’t “find the time” to do long workouts.  I reached out to my gal pal, Jen Sinkler who is the queen of making workouts fit into the time we have, with what we have. She’s even got a program called “Lift Weights Faster 2” — which is exactly that – a way to maintain your fitness any time your schedule gets tight.

I reached out to Jen to see if she could give us a sample workout, and of course, since she’s awesome she created this entire guest post for me! Try this workout, let me know what you think by tweeting me @camykennedy and then — Get the entire LWF2 PROGRAM HERE!

I decided to do something really awesome and create a 30 day nutrition blueprint to help you “MAINTAIN…don’t gain, this holiday season!”. This will come to you FREE with the special offer below!

Now, on to Jen’s super awesome workout…

Spring Loaded: A Lift Weights Faster Workout

Guest post by Jen Sinkler

Doing something is almost always better than nothing, but we know this to be true: You can get in absolutely fantastic shape with short, intense workouts. So. Got 10 minutes? Join me, won’t you?
The workout below is a do-anywhere, -anywhere bodyweight circuit. And if you need more rest than
30seconds, take it! Same goes for rounds. Two rounds (or one) instead of three or four, terrific! Whatever you’re capable of doing right now is the perfect starting point — the magic lies in the starting.

Spring Loaded: Coil up in the beginning, unleash at the end!

Suggested Equipment:

Just your bod, a timer and some space to work.


Complete 2 rounds of this circuit, alternating working for 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds.  Take additional rest, if needed, between movements and rounds.

Suggested Time:

10 Minutes

The Workout:

spring loaded

Bodyweight Penguin

  • Lie on your back with knees bent comfortably and your shoulder blades against the floor.
  • Curl upward from your midsection until your shoulders are slightly elevated off the floor.
  • While keeping the shoulders elevated, reach your hand to your heel as far as your range of motion allows.  Shift from heel to heel while keeping your shoulders elevated for the desired repetitions.
  • Avoid neck pain by lightly tucking your chin, imagining that you are holding a softball between your chin and neck.

Bodyweight Pledge Plank

pledge plank
  • Start in a straight-arm plank position, with your body elevated between your hands and toes. Your feet can be wider than shoulder width to help with stability.
  • Raise one hand up to touch your chest. Keep your hips square and belly button facing the floor.
  • Return the raised hand to the floor and repeat on the other side. Alternate pledging hands without twisting at the low back or rocking your hips from side to side.
  • Optional: Saying the Pledge of Allegiance while performing the exercise.

Bodyweight Jumping Lunge

jump lunge

  • Start in the bottom of a split squat position. Your front thigh should be parallel to the floor, your torso upright (a little lean forward is find), and your abs braced.
  • Jump up explosively and switch leg positions in the air. Your back leg becomes the front leg, and vice versa. Focus on landing quietly with each jump, allowing your muscles to absorb the impact.
  • Keep your front knee tracking in line with your foot.
  • Alternate sides without resting for the desired number of repetitions.

Bodyweight Two-Legged Hop over a Line

jump over line
  • Tape down a line (or mentally draw an imaginary line) on the floor next to you.
  • Jump back and forth over the line while staying on the balls of your feet.
  • Move quickly and explosively throughout the set, and be sure to land with a slight knee bend each time you jump.
  • Make the movement more challenging by jumping as high as you can, while still maintaining a controlled landing.

Bodyweight Jumping Jack

jumping jack
  • Stand tall with your arms relaxed at your sides.
  • Quickly hop up to spread your feet apart and raise your arms over your head. You should land with your feet wider than your shoulders and your arms overhead.
  • Immediately after you land, hop back to your starting position, bringing your arms down and your feet together.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Ready for results…faster?

But, before we celebrate too much where you’ll end up, let’s focus simply on getting started. First things first, don’t worry. It’s enough. Whatever you can do right now, it is enough, and even just a little bit is a great place to start. With workout options ranging from under 10 minutes to right around 30 minutes, you can slot in whatever type of circuit works for you on any given day,based on what equipment you have available and how much time you’ve got.

If you’re looking to amp up your conditioning in other creative but productive ways, I’ve put together a mammoth 180-workout pick-and-choose library called Lift Weights Faster 2.

Complete with a full exercise glossary that includes written descriptions and photographic demonstrations of over 260 exercises (from classic moves to more unusual ones —the Jefferson deadlift, anyone?), a video library that includes coaching on 30 of the more technical lifts, 10 challenge-workout videos, plus a dynamic warm-up routine, I leveraged my background in magazine publishing to create a clear-cut, easy-to-use resource that you’ll want to turn to all the time.  Every workout is organized by the equipment you have available and how much time you’ve got, with options that last anywhere from five up to 30 minutes.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I teamed up with my husband, David Dellanave, to create
a strength program companion resource called Get Stronger Faster 2 to help you take your strength level to the next level.  Completing the total workout package and helping you get results, faster.

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jen sinkler
Jen Sinkler, RKC II, PCC, PM, USAW, is a longtime fitness journal
ist who writes for national magazines such as Women’s Health and Men’s Health. A former member of the U.S. national women’s rugby team, she currently trains clients at The Movement Minneapolis. Jen talks fitness, food, happy life and general health topics at her website, www.jensinkler.com


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