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free self love challenge
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The purpose of this challenge is to have you becoming aware of what true self love and self acceptance really looks like in real life. NOt the #treatyoself day of self care, spending money that we don’t have, but the true, deep down, what happens when sh*t hits the fan kind of love. I’m Camy Kennedy, Mindset & Life Coach to high achievers, recovering perfectionists. I help people have breakthroughs in the areas of health, wealth and love. When we breakthrough to next level self love, we manifest new experiences, abundance, and opportunities that we may have never been able to say YES to before! Join my Facebook group to view these videos, and comment as you watch the replays! To get these delivered right to your inbox, and with the actual daily prompts, you can join my email list here.

Self Love Challenge
#day1 | Self Love Loop List

Watch Video 1 Here on Facebook. You must request to be a member since this is a closed group – the videos are private! https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCamyKennedy/videos/531875914117063/

self love challenge camy kennedy day 1

Self Love Challenge
#day2 | How Energy & Grounding Affect Self Love

Watch Video #2 here and grab a journal to do the work! https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCamyKennedy/videos/600248790767531/

Self Love Challenge
#day 3 | How Purging & Committing Can Heal

Watch Video #3 here and see what there is for you to purge and how commitments can shift your life. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCamyKennedy/videos/574295796759391/

self love challenge day 3 camy kennedy

Self Love Challenge
#day4 | Is Self Care Selfish?

self love challenge day 4 camy kennedy

Self Love Challenge
#day5 | Expect Breakthroughs & Prepare for Breakdowns

Watch Video #5. By far the most important. When we do the work around self love and self care, there will be beautiful breakthroughs. Expect these to come on the other side of a breakdown. This means…what can we do to care for ourselves during a breakdown? Prepare the toolkit.  https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCamyKennedy/videos/211307343369466/

self love challenge day 5 camy kennedy

If you want to fast track your LOVE, commit to 6 weeks working together to gain confidence to say YES to yourself! 


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