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RIP Greg Plitt

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Greg Plitt will be remembered. RIP Jan.17, 2015

Greg Plitt will be remembered. RIP Jan.17, 2015

Are you living the life you want to live now?


Greg Plitt was a man that energized every room he was in.

I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at FMI Guild last year and walked out of the room with the motivation to take my dreams to the next level. I spoke to Greg, got a picture with him and we parted ways. A moment in time that was shared, but left me changed inside. His words and stories had an impact on me and surely everyone else in the room. He makes you want to get up out of your seat, have an amazing workout and then go conquer the rest of your life.


As I was checking Facebook on Sunday, I saw a video post about Greg’s passing. I sat dumbfounded as I read the post, in denial of it actually being true. I just couldn’t imagine it happening.

How?  Why? Someone with so much potential, so young, so healthy, and making a huge impact in the fitness world.

I didn’t know him – and I wasn’t a true fan until I heard him speak. I am familiar with is attitude, his work ethic, his “sailor” mouth, as I’ve dated a Marine for 6 years. Those qualities reminded me of my Marine.

But why then am I so hurt by his passing?

I wasn’t in love with him, I didn’t have a crush on him and I didn’t even really follow him until I met him in October 2014. And now – I feel a void, a sadness, like an injustice has been committed and I sit here still in disbelief. And if I feel this way even after just meeting him once, then I can’t imagine the pain felt by his family and close friends. It’s selfish of me to think I lost something, when I just watched him speak and saw a few of his videos.


What I’m left with is this feeling of raw emotion – of anger, of sadness, but mostly of wanting to truly live life to my fullest potential.

What was great about Greg was that he was on the verge of anger when he saw people being less then they could be. He would swear and pace the floor and tell stories about people he had encountered and about how he achieved things in his life because he wouldn’t take no for an answer.


He never gave up.

Let us honor his memory by doing what scares us. By looking that fear straight in the eye and doing it anyway – that’s courage. Let’s get off the couch and start living our lives. Everyone says these things but there are only a small percentage of people that actually do what they want to do with their lives.


As Greg said in one of his last Facebook videos:

“It’s never gonna be ideal…..It starts when you put one foot in front of the other”.


Remember how one moment in time, some words you speak to someone can change the course of their lives.

Speak positive words and encouragement to people, as Greg did, and help his legend live on.  Get angry — get ANGRY right now and convicted that you will do what you said you were “going to do”. But don’t wait for “someday” – do it today. Let the anger of his passing fuel you to take your business or your physique to the next level. We should not live another day just to fill it with excuses of why we can’t do something.


Greg Plitt will be remembered. Will you?

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