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How to Quantum Leap Using This Morning Routine

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Morning Routine for Your Next Level

Hi, welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life! Maybe you are like I was – “Not a Morning Person!” For years, I struggled my way through mornings, groggy, grouchy, and slow moving. 

It wasn’t until 2016, when I was conversing with one of my life coach friends who introduced me to meditation – that I realized that this was the next frontier. If I wanted to create this beautiful life that I loved, I must challenge myself to harness the power of the morning. For it is in the morning that all things are renewed. We have a clean slate. We are most connected with God. We have just come out of the dimension of dream time, in which all things are possible. 

Then we proceed to turn on our conscious mind – our ego self – the one who likes to tell us “why its not possible” or “how hard it is going to be.” 

After implementing and practicing my morning routine for the past 5 years, this is one of the very first things that I work with my clients to develop – as there is huge power in the process. 

Remember – this morning routine process is about progress not perfection. So even if you are committed to getting up just 10 minutes earlier – this will work for you to begin shifting your energy, your mindset and your life. 

Join the Quantum Leap Morning Routine Challenge and participate LIVE November 9 – November 13, 2020. Or if you are reading this after this time, you can still get lifelong access to the entire morning routine process – downloads, videos, audios and more by signing up here

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