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Urgent! Procrastinators: Read this

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Or I should have said, “Procrastinators: Read this when you feel like getting to it.”

I’m feeling uninspired lately to write any blog posts. I don’t want to. Or I don’t have the time, or I don’t make the time. And I have other things that I would rather do.

Tonight, I sat down on my work/eat/watch tv/bible study/do everything chair and immediately went to work on my recent obsession of finding all the supplies needed to have a DIY garage gym.  I searched on craigslist for close to an hour, and read all the facebook status updates and shared a few funny/inspiring videos to my friends’ walls. And now that I have an online business, I am convinced that every time I am the internet, I’m somehow “working” LOL.

internet is my job

I love these rationalizations that I make everyday on why I’m going to blog “tomorrow” or that I’m going to wait until I have something really “good” to blog about.


The point here is that I never want to blog.


And if I had my way I would never clean my house or my car or wash my hair, and I would replace any productive activities with laying on the couch eating cookie dough, and watching Netflix for hours, while checking Instagram on my phone and Facebook on my computer. And I would always be in sweatpants. 

What a life…

i love cookie dough


I’m lazy on the inside. And I think we all struggle with this. It just feels better to  not do what we are “supposed to do.”  And I’m also a little rebellious, so there’s that as well.

Now, there are times when I completely do veg out on the couch. But there are more times when I make myself get up and do whatever it is I’m “supposed to do”. And actually, if I’m honest – It feels good when it is done. A clean room. A clean car. A workout completed. Chicken is grilled. Dogs are walked.

But it is the getting there that is the challenge.

The reason I want to share this with you is because I have heard from people that think I just “look this way because I was born fit” or I was born with a work ethic or some crap like that. I don’t think I was born with anything, but I think that discipline can be developed. The more you make yourself do things you don’t want to do – the more rewards you will reap. The easy things, like watching tv and eating snacks on the couch – are just that – EASY.

And too many people can do these things repeatedly and ultimately end up living an unhappy life. Yes. Life takes work. But I also believe that life is about balance.

There was a time when I was an over-achiever and an workaholic. And I kept a crazy pace of life until quitting my job early this year.

I’m still achieving – but my goals have changed. I want more balance, I want less stress, and I want more happiness. I’ve been learning to let go of the things and people that drag me down, and am committed to living out my dreams despite what other people think.

I’m weird, I’m instinctively lazy and a procrastinator, but there is this voice inside me that wants more and knows my potential.

And I am convinced that everyone has this voice inside them – the mothering one that says, “Well you know you should be doing A,B, and C right now, but you are choosing to be lazy and eat gummy bears instead.”


Sometimes I ignore that voice and decide to lay on my couch. But that voice is there for a reason. The more you ignore it, the quieter it gets, until it fades away like the dreams you once dreamt for your life.

If your “mother” voice has faded, I’m here to get out the BULLHORN and become the craziest MOTHER you have ever heard and tell you to get your butt up off the couch and do what you KNOW you are supposed to be doing right now.

(And I will probably have to read this blog to myself sometimes when I am feeling like I don’t want to put away my laundry/wash my car/wash the dishes/go to the gym!)

Until next time…with motherly love…~Camy

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