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Pear Shaped Body: Lean your Legs

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Pear shaped Leg workout



I used to hate my legs. I would always be self conscious because they were big and I would be called thick or thunder thighs.

It’s common for people to come up to me in the gym and say “Wow, you have big legs/calves!”

Everyone has their body part that they struggle with – too big – too small. But I’m writing to all the ladies out there who have a thick bottom half – some junk in the trunk and some cushion on the hips. We’ve let people convince us that we are thick or big boned or not a real woman. When in fact the opposite is true. We are strong, we have the ability to lift heavy things and we already have the power and we can create the endurance to create toned legs and glutes, even when our genetics try to make them bigger.

The secret is in the way you train your legs.

Some women that have larger legs tend not to want to train them because they will “get bigger”. I fell victim to that for a while, and for 4 months I didn’t train legs. And guess what – they got bigger – with more fat surrounding the muscle. So now – I’m reminding myself that NOT training legs is NOT an option.  In fact, training legs more (but not heavy) works better for those real women with curves. I’ve created a 4 week program to tone those legs and lift and firm the glutes. I’m not promising it’s going to be easy, but with strong legs, you’ve got to keep working them.


You are a strong beautiful woman, and it’s time for your bottom half to get on board with your vision.

This 4 week program is a result of training that I’ve found effective for my lower body, and is the result of working with several great trainers and competitors over the past 6 years. We are going to focus on the red muscle fibers (which are endurance based) by using lower weight and higher reps.


Remember when you are lifting, since you are doing super sets and circuits you will not be going extremely heavy.

Also – we will be incorporating High Intensity interval training cardio on non-weight training days. This helps to burn the fat contained in and around the muscle.


Get the PDF here: 4 Week Pear Shaped Leg Workout

Weeks 1-2 Mon Thursday Saturday
Sumo squat 3×15 Glute machine 3×20 (superset with) 8 mins walking lunges (body weight)
Straight leg deadlifts (legs wide) 3×15 Cable squats 3×20 30 mins stairmaster
Bench step ups (fast) 3×20 Hamstring roll-ins 3×12(superset with)
Walking lunges 3×20 Single leg press (side kick) 3×20
Bike: 30 minutes Bike: 30 minutes
Weeks 3-4 Mon (circuit style) Weds (circuit style) Friday
Leg extension 3×25 DB squats 3×20 10 mins walking lunges (body weight)
Prone Leg curl 3×25 DB bench step ups 3×20 40 mins stairmaster
Leg press 3×25 Sumo squats 3×20
Leg abduction 3×25 Cable squats 3×20
Bike: 30 mins Bike: 30mins


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  • anne

    Hiya thank you so much for this plan for lean legs:).just wanted to ask instead of the bike can I swop it with other cardio like treadmill ,ski machine etc. because spinning in the past has bulked up my legs .Also what are your thoughts on hill sprints?

    • Camy

      Hi! Yes you can use the treadmill instead, it depends on how your body responds. For the bike, you can do intervals, and keep the gears/resistance low. Hill sprints are great for toning the booty!

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