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At Camy Kennedy Coaching…

I know that you want to be a confident, connected, powerful, luxurious version of yourself in all areas of your life.

In order to do that,

you need clarity, accountability, and clear plan to make BIG changes happen.

The problem is…

although you are a high-achiever in other areas of your life, you haven’t been
able to figure out why you aren’t reaching your goals. This makes you feel frustrated and
negatively affects your confidence.

I believe…

that if you have what it takes to achieve in other areas of your life, you should be able
to achieve any goal.

I understand…

what it’s like to be stuck in a position of knowing what you should do, but battling
with perfectionism and societal pressure that is holding you back instead of helping you forward.
This is why I

created a mindset coaching program that has helped high-achievers, like you, finally live their
most authentic lives and break through the barriers that have held them back.

Here’s how it works…

During this call we get right into it – what is it that you desire, and what is holding you back? Among the principals of being an excellent coach is having breakthrough coaching conversations, and being willing to mirror things back to you that will help you change, grow and achieve.  At the end of the call we can determine if you’d like to move forward with coaching, or you may receive the direction you needed to make a shift in your life as a result of the call. Either way, we will have had a powerful conversation and you will have walked away with an experience that will shift your life.  Book your call here.

When I work with clients we work on a calendar of 90 day goals, that way we can assess progress along the way. Progress is the spice of life 🙂 Perfectionists often procrastinate and work well with having accountability. Sometimes those perfectionist types need accountability for taking a day to rest! The 90 day plan will align with your 10 year vision and your 6 month values, as well as your Human Needs and Human Design. Depending on which area of life you are feeling stuck in, we will uncover some or all of these tools and set up a game plan for success after your first call. This is something you can implement on your own, or begin taking action in one of these key areas. If nothing changes, then nothing will change. If you keep doing the same thing, then you will keep getting the same results. Implement the plan, and watch the progress unfold. It’s not about perfection. It’s about practicing this new identity daily!

Regular coaching time means weekly coaching calls or enrolling in a group coaching option which is held live on Zoom video. The purpose of regular coaching on a weekly basis is so you are accountable to showing up and breaking through. Each week we will discuss breakdowns & breakthroughs. Notice that on the other side of a breakdown is a breakthrough! Our weekly sessions will consist of pushing you outside of your comfort zone and taking the actions you have not been taking, so you can get a different result and recreate a new life!

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