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What I do when I’m not motivated

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The practices I use when I’m lacking motivation.

We all know what it’s like to feel unmotivated. Sitting in front of the TV, or Facebook, or literally scrolling through your phone looking at nothing. Wasting time, when we could be doing so much more with our lives.

It’s an epidemic of laziness, and when you keep being lazy, it just leads to more laziness! I am guilty of this when I don’t feel like cleaning my house or working out!

I created a Periscope on this very topic and would love for you to check it out and find me on Facebook so you can get updates on when I will be scoping next! (When you follow me on FB, make sure to click the “Get Notifications” tab on the top right hand corner so you will know when I post and get important updates!) ¬†While you’re there – tell me what you do to get motivated!


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