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Make Your Meal Prep Easier: 3 Websites

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I’m here to show you where you can find out the good stuff that I eat, and you can find it all online for free. I’ve done the work for you to make your life easier so you can get on with looking fabulous!

1. Clean Eating Mag

This is one of the most amazing websites on the planet to find good, clean eating recipes and even FREE MEAL PLANS. Here they literally break down the shopping list and what meals to eat when. #soeasy


2. Bodybuilding.com

Because I’m a total meathead, I have loved this site for years. They provide amazing information on training, supplementation and a plethora of recipes and forum discussions on all of the above. If you order anything from them, it will arrive to your doorstep in 2 days and will likely contain a free gift.

To find recipes just go to the search bar at the top right of at bb.com and type in what you are looking for. BAM! You are good to go — high protein treats in your mouth!

Here is a great link to Banana Nut protein muffins.

3. HeSheEatClean

Scott and Whitney create really easy recipes — my favorites are the Crock pot ones — can it get any easier? Step 1. put items in the crock pot. Step 2. Walk away Step. 3 come back hours later and eat the food!

**Right now the best way to access the recipes is to go to the search bar at the top and search for something like “crock pot” or “chicken” or “breakfast” or “gluten free”

I’m also pretty fired up about this Gluten Free Apple Crisp.

I’m glad you stopped by to check out some of my greatest resources. Share the love and comment below with one of your favorite sites to find healthy recipes!


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