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Maintain, Don’t Gain…this holiday season!

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  • Did you have too much to eat on Thanksgiving?
  • Are you worried about cookies, extra treats, and temptations this season?
  • With Thanksgiving coming up…are you feeling anxious about eating too much?
  • Are you fearful of gaining weight this season?
  • Are you afraid that without accountability, your workouts will suffer?
  • Are you looking for a simple solution to reduce your anxiety and help you MAINTAIN?

Well…you are in luck, because I’ve heard many of the above fears from my clients, (and I’ve felt the same way for years)! So this year, I’ve decided to create a 30 day nutrition blueprint designed to help you maintain, but also enjoy time with friends and family. I’m sick of holidays making me feel anxious and out-0f-control about food – and I’ve found a solution that works for me and I wanted to share it with you as my Thanksgiving gift!

With the tips and tricks I use during holidays, now I can go home to visit family and not hate myself when I come back to the “real world”. I don’t have to go “all or nothing” and I can still enjoy my favorite foods. After feedback from so many of my clients, I wanted to give you something that would help you feel great by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. And I wanted to bring it to you for such a low price that everyone would be able to participate! Time and money get tight this time of year, so I’ve created this blueprint just for that reason!

My 30 day nutrition blueprint will help you MAINTAIN, not gain!..this holiday season!

maintain don't gain

What do you get?
  • 30  days of meal planning
  • daily emails to keep you motivated and on track
  • 30 days worth of recipes
  • helpful suggestions for workouts
  • the secret weapon to maintaining
  • special recipes for the holiday favorites
  • accountability on Instagram (#MAINTAIN2015)
How is it delivered?
  • Once purchased, you will get a link in your email to download the digital book, meal plan and recipes.
What can you expect?
  • a full blueprint with 5 of the most common causes of holiday weight gain and how to over come them
  • tricks to keep blood sugar stable and still enjoy treats
  • how to keep on track with your workouts during the holidays
  • how to get in high quality meals when things get busy
  • meal prep ideas and satisfying recipes
  • a feeling of accomplishment
  • a sense of control during the holidays
  • feeling like a million bucks in that New Year’s dress!
  • All of this for a low price of $3.99

Are you ready to MAINTAIN?


 *After purchase, check your email for the confirmation and to receive directions to download your digital book.
**If you do not receive an email within 30 minutes of purchase, check your spam/junk folder, and then contact us at camy@camykennedy.com.

If you are looking for an awesome workout program to keep up with (in as little as 10 mins a day!) then check out my friend Jen Sinkler’s Lift Weights Faster 2 here. (Yes — lift weights faster, more efficiently – and MAINTAIN!)





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