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8 Ways to Get the Balance Back in Your Life

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8 Ways to Get Back the Balance in Your Life.

1. What can you remove from your schedule?

If you are overworked,exhausted and unhappy, then there is likely something that can be changed in your life that will relieve the pressure.

Do you have too many appointments during the week?

Does your work take over on the weekends as well?

Do you feel like you are obligated to attend certain things?

Go through your day, or week and find out where your time is going. Really journal every minute of your day and what you are doing and how you are feeling. Then pick 1 thing that you will remove from your schedule or change.

2. Where can you put 20 mins of “me” time?

Beginning the morning with meditation or truly reading and connecting to scripture can set you up for success each day.

Can you go to bed 20 minutes earlier so that you can get up and read the Word and journal in the morning with a good cup of coffee?

Is there a book that you’ve been dying to ready? Download it already!

3. Are you able to get away from other people for your “me” time?

Many people have roommates, a spouse, or kids that they live with which creates a difficultly in creating a space to be alone. This is a challenge, but it is not impossible.

If you own a car, that may be one of the only places you can get away from it all and just “be”.

Also – going for a walk outside with headphones on can also get you away from people.

4. If you have gotten to the point where you just think you can’t take it anymore – Good!

This means that you are ready for change and things have gotten so crazy that you cannot even connect with yourself. You may have forgotten who you are or you may have turned into someone you don’t want to be.

This is the most powerful motivator for change.

This feeling will create a drive in you to find out how you can simplify your life to create balance.

5. Are you connected to a group of people who motivate you to grow and be your best?

If you are not connected, you have no excuse!

Even if it is not a physical meeting, there are always ways to connect on the internet.

Become part of a facebook group or meetup group with people who share your interests and mentality.

Get connected to the fit.faith.fam. facebook page and share your challenges to be encouraged today.

6. Have you stopped eating healthy because you don’t have the time?

This is ridiculous!

Even if you are eating fast food – you can still get a salad or you can choose a chicken sandwich.

Your response to not eating healthy may be due to the fact that you feel out of control in your life. You feel that you don’t have the time – when really it’s that you don’t have the energy or desire to eat well or make it a priority.

With this ONE change – you will even find that your energy will increase and you will start feeling better.

If you are overwhelmed, start small: buy some Lean Cuisines and pre-cooked chicken when you are running short on time and energy.

Get 100-calorie packs so you can still have a treat, but it will be portion controlled.

Just eat more fruit!

Its easy to fit an apple or banana into your day and it will keep you full and provide energy.

7. You can’t get an hour in at the gym so you decide not to do anything.

Take what you can get. Go outside for a 10 minute walk. Take the stairs.

Walk outside on your lunch break. Do 25 squats a day. Do 10 pushups. Do

25 crunches. Even if it is little – do something! Just moving your body will

awaken your desire to move more and get healthier.

8. Do what is easy first.

Stressed and not getting enough sleep? Talk to your doctor to determine if it is something serious. If it is stress related, you can try melatonin, drink sleepytime tea, and creating a bed time with no electronics in bed

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Stretch your body. Eat whole wheat bread instead of white.

Drink water right when you wake up and with every meal.

Try something, make an effort, and each day you will improve.



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