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Help! I Hate Salads

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Help! I Hate Salads

Recently I’ve been working with my mentor Jill Colman of JillFit physiques, and she has figured out a pretty good system of what works for her each day, nutrition wise.

And I’ve been working with her to automate my physique so that I can spend more time on my business, and helping others, rather than working so many hours in the gym and spending so much time worried about what I’m going to be eating.

One thing I picked up from her was her non-negotiable: eating a #BAS (big-ass salad) every day. I even posted on Instagram about it here.

My sad, sad #BAS

My sad, sad #BAS

I love Jill, and her physique is great, but I tried the salad thing and then I remembered I HATE salads! I haven’t always hated salads, but right now, I can’t make it happen.

For the past 4 months or so I’ve kept buying lettuce and spinach and fresh veggies, only to throw them all away 7 days later because I’m literally too lazy to combine the ingredients into a salad.

Or when I do – I just don’t think it tastes good and even though I get to eat a lot, it surely doesn’t satisfy me. I feel like this might be a phase and maybe when it’s hot and humid in the summer I will get back into the salad groove. (I mean when I have a salad from Panera, it’s freakin delicious!)

But anyways, my point is this. Do what works for you.

Right now, salads do not work for me. And I keep spending time and energy trying to do the salad thing because “everyone else is doing it”.  (I keep seeing co-workers chowing down on delicious salads that they have prepared with probably 15 ingredients, and I’m having salad envy).

There are a lot of “diet rules” out there. And there are a lot of fit people who would like to tell you how to train and

Jill's salad looked WAY better than mine!

Jill’s salad looked WAY better than mine!

how to eat. Maybe even me, or one of your role models are posting pictures of their food and you think “Hey, that’s great, I’ll just eat like them and then I will look like them!”

This doesn’t always work. What works is trial and error. What works is sticking to one thing and seeing how it makes you feel and how your body responds. Satisfied? Miserable? Getting the results you want? Difficult?

And what works refusing to feel guilty because you can’t eat the way I eat or someone else eats.

There are a few basic principles that most health experts agree on, so I will list them here. But please don’t get caught up on the “rules”, because there are so many out there, if you try to listen to them all you will sometimes feel like you can never make the right food choice!

  1. Eating clean, organic and natural food is beneficial

  2. Eating lean protein in the form of chicken, turkey and eggs

  3. Eating fibrous organic brightly colored veggies

  4. Drinking water to stay hydrated

  5. Taking a daily multivitamin, along with other high quality supplements as needed

  6. Limit processed, refined, sugary foods and drinks

As time goes on, you will see posts from me at that break down my education, experience and opinion on nutrition. But I leave a lot of the work to you – I can guide you and train you, but ultimately you have to try and find out what works for you and what is sustainable for your lifestyle.

Make the food you eat enjoyable to you, as healthy as possible in that moment and circumstance. Your consistency and commitment to learning about your best nutrition plan will ultimately be what makes you successful for your entire life.

Until next time, I will not be eating any more salads.


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