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Gluten Induced Itching Rage

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Picture this:

I’m enjoying a deliciously fresh baked biscuit with buttery egg whites, crisp flavorful sausage  made by loving hands of the friendly staff at Rise donuts. I’m enjoying this light and warm treat as I sit in the front office of the studio where I teach group fitness, and I’m sure there were audible moans as I dove into the golden biscuit gently blanketing the sausage and egg. (Of course I have a picture because I spent such a magical moment with that sandwich.)

It’s my second gluten-filled breakfast sandwich from that establishment in the past four days, because apparently I decided to say f*ck it and decide to eat whatever I want this weekend. (I make bold statements when I am lacking sleep and perceivably overworked and over-socialized.) Not to mention, it’s Tuesday, and it’s no longer the weekend so I can’t make that #YOLO claim anymore, because the weekend has now passed, and I am just that sad, regretful person who just downed a gluten-heavy meal, mid-day on a Tuesday. What a rebel.

So you might be wondering why this whole gluten fiasco came to pass, and just where this itching rage is going to enter onto the scene.

Well it all started back in 2010….

[enter] ** twinkly sounds, tiny stars, and a gentle mist….to signify us going back in time..~***~~*  *  *

I was in an experimental phase of dieting and reading books on every type of diet to lose body fat and become the leanest, most powerful super human on the planet — all the while doing 2 a days at the gym. (Note: that was before I discovered lifestyle balance)

At that time, I had read a book called The Blood Type Diet as well as The Virgin Diet (which has nothing to do with being a virgin btw). Both books stated that people can have food sensitivities that can cause symptoms such as gastric issues, irritability, tiredness, joint pain, bloating, and so on. So I embarked on a journey to reduce my body fat using these intensely restrictive methods. I lasted 41 days and believe I lost a total of 15 lbs and dropped my body fat to nearly 16%.

Well, before you get all happy and think you’ve just found the miracle weight loss secret, you must know that I was miserable, always thinking about food, and still training the gym twice a day to achieve this goal.

Also, the fall of this diet occurred on my aunt’s birthday weekend, when there were cakes, chips, snacks, cookies and drinks that all needed to be eaten with reckless abandon. So there it went…two months later and I had gained all the weight back. (So that’s why I practice balance now).

What I learned from this experience was that removing gluten from my diet had really helped me feel better, obviously drop weight, and have better energy and sleep. But what all humans realize is that gluten is a deviously delicious creation that is contained in all things that are amazing. Hence why I went back to the cakes…

Let’s come back to the present moment, and just say that I usually avoid gluten just due to the fact that it keeps my digestive system healthy, my energy up, and reduces bloating, irritability and excessive napping.

I’m not celiac, nor have I been diagnosed with any food sensitivities officially — I simply feel better when gluten is absent from my body. I will make exceptions for my bi-weekly frozen yogurt runs, where I will undoubtedly fill my cup half full with cookie dough balls, Reese’s PB cups, and cookies. But usually that just results in extreme euphoria followed by a hard nap on my couch.

Today, however, with this delicious gluten-y breakfast sandwich, I knew there was a problem from the moment that soft, fresh baked biscuit hit my lips. Sometimes you just know when something is so good, (ie. peanut butter) that moments later you will regret everything that just went into your mouth.

I ate the sandwich around 2:00pm (because I was being a sassy pants and didn’t feel like drinking my protein shake, and I had gotten only 5 hours of sleep the night before — did I mention I make bad food decisions on low sleep?) I began to have an itch in my tight pants — you know when your workout pants are so tight and they just make you itch all over — well that’s what I thought this issue was. Or maybe my skin was dry…so I immediately lotion all over my body, including under my tight pants. That did not solve the problem. So then my back became extremely itchy, and my arms, etc. I just wanted to scratch my skin off, and it created a rage inside me because I just wanted it to stop. Maybe I just needed to shower, I thought.

I came home after teaching class at the studio, probably looking like a crack head, and decided to shower to see if I just needed to exfoliate my skin and re-moisturize. Its now been about 10 hours after ingestion of the gluten infected food, and I am still feeling itchy everywhere, and still irritable because it sucks to be itchy all over! Oh, and did I mention that I look about 4 months pregnant right now, too? Yes, I do. It’s so cute, that I rub it.

Now, I’m not sure if this scratchy skin is truly due to a gluten sensitivity, but a co-worker had mentioned its a common symptom and it happens to her when she has too much gluten. I’m hypothesizing that having two very gluten-y meals within days could have been the culprit. The only thing that happened to me a few days ago was that I napped after eating the sandwich, which is kind of normal for me on Saturdays anyways. I have also noticed that my desire for eggs and chicken has also decreased, and eggs for sure were on my list of food sensitivities from the Blood Type Diet book.

So now I’m taking it easy, and planning on filling my system with my all natural grass fed New Zealand whey protein shakes, fruits, greens, and cleansing liquid. Just take it easy for a few days and rethink what’s about to happen when I go to my mom’s house for Christmas (the gluten cookie creator).

In general, I’m a #rulebreakerforlife when it comes to doing something “because I have to” — which means if I want to have gluten, I will, but it has to be entirely worth it. Today’s ongoing itch rage was not worth it to me, and although that breakfast sandwich had an orgasmic quality, I do not agree that a fair trade off is 12 hours of itching.

I will let you make the choices on the foods you put into your body, and I would love to hear more from you if you ever experienced anything like my scenario today. Comments below are always awesome, or you can head over to my Facebook page and let me know!

You may have never experienced a gluten rage like I did today, but I write this for you to consider and recognize if you might have any food sensitivities. We discuss this in my 8 Week Online Nutrition course called The Better Method and many of my ladies have identified foods that cause some issues, and now choose these foods carefully.

If you want to learn more about The Better Method and find out when the next session opens, you can get on the waitlist for 2016 here.

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