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Gluten Free Pasta, Ground Bison and Organic Red Sauce

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Easy gluten free pasta recipe

I bought Tinkyada Brown Rice pasta from Whole Foods.

Special note: Watch out for gluten free pastas that contain corn. I do a primarily gluten free diet just based on feeling less lethargic and bloated due to slight food sensitivities. Corn is known to be an irritant as well and most corn is GMO.

I bought Ground Bison on sale at Whole Foods.

Simple step 1: boil the pasta — follow the directions on the bag.

Simple step 2: brown the bison in a well heated pan until no longer pink inside. I like mine slightly browned on the outside.

Seasoning: I used Italian seasoning, cajun, and garlic herb — ususally whatever is in my cubbord at the time. Bison has a good natural flavor of it’s own.

Sauce: I bought 365 Every Day Value brand Organic pasta sauce.

Topping: I sprinkled some low fat feta cheese on the top and garnished with some Italian seasoning


One of my quickest most satisfying meals!

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