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My April Challenge:


what is holding you (me) back? we all have dreams and we all have things we want to accomplish. when it comes time to do what it takes to get these things…what do we do? yesterday i was sitting on my coach being lazy because sunday is the “day of rest”. i watched several sessions of tony robbins and then stumbled upon a tedtalk by another “robbins”: mel robbins and the truth is. I. loved. her. She was a straight up, in your face – why are you NOT doing what you want to be doing – kind of person. she said the thing that made the most impact on me when it comes to getting what you want:


you are never going to feel like doing it!


so for me that meant i needed to run to my room immediately and get started on this blogging/vlogging and business-starting adventure.

do i doubt myself? absolutely. do i have fears of failure? daily. do i know what i’m doing? only slightly. am i going to do it anyway? watch me.


for the month of april i will be adding something to my blog daily. who knows what…who knows if it will be any good…its the process that counts.


i encourage you all to take up some kind of 30 day challenge. do something that you have been saying you were going to do. workout. read a book. read the bible. join a meet up. go rock climbing.


life is too short to sit there and talk about all the things you are going to do, without taking any steps to get there.

-camy kennedy


i’m giving you the opportunity to publicly post your 30 day challenge below! it helps to have encouragement from others who are aimed toward success.


post below or shoot me an email!

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