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Feeling Vulnerable? Daring Greatly…

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Daring Greatly.

Currently I’m listening to an audiobook suggested to me by AskAliciaLozano written by “Story Teller / Researcher” Brene Brown. You can view her TedTalk here.

Brene’s topic of study is vulnerability and how being vulnerable affects every aspect of our lives. She cites authenticity as being the foundation for happiness, fulfillment, and connection. Fear of rejection leads to disconnectedness and loneliness, and stems from not allowing your true self to be seen by others (i.e. being vulnerable). She tells her story of having a breakdown when she realized that not everything could be controlled — especially not other people’s perceptions and reactions. Over a year in therapy helped her conclude that being vulnerable was not a weakness, but a great strength and act of courage.

In speaking with Alicia about my blog challenge – she convinced me to own my identity and stop hiding behind my brands. I know about the Law of Attraction and what you feel is what you get. Yet I am manifesting “haters” where none exist. Currently, no one is really reading my blogs because I have not mastered SEO – but there will be a day with both clients and critics come here to read and revel and respond.

After listening to a Webinar by JillFit and Amber Rea, I was given a tool for facing fear:  to think of the worst possible outcome of being rejected. And alternatively to think of what it would feel like NOT to do something based on fear of rejection. In that moment I answer my own question, and I trust that I will conquer the outcome and consequence of having my true voice be heard.

So — why am I here? I am here to help. To assist (to nudge, to KICK). To inspire. To put my own stuff out there for all to see. I am here to be imperfect and at times I will just be flat out wrong. That is authenticity. That is Daring Greatly.

-camy kennedy


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