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11: The Camy Show How to Become a Morning Person

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Everyone can become a morning person, no matter your story! I’ve been caffeine free for 12 days, and I’m sharing with you how I became a morning person 2 years ago.

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Becoming a Morning Person…from a night owl… 

This has been a highly requested topic! If you know me, I have not always been a morning person.  I was even voted “moodiest in the morning” in high school! This was my identity for many years. Then I learned it’s just a mindset.

Identifying yourself as a morning person or not, can be a limiting belief!

I realized this when I was interviewing my friend Molly Hammil, my meditation guru, and she called me out when I asked, “how do we meditate in the morning; what if you’re not a morning person?” Her answer, “well, that’s a limiting belief”. Oh dang!! It is 100% true! We have control over what we believe and over our identity. Now I will say this, some people’s body are just set up to either be a night owl or an early bird. So, some people will just hop out of bed and have their coffee. They just love it! Their energy is good in the morning and they are ready to go. That was not me! I matched up with someone who was a night owl. I got energized in the night and would do a lot of my work at night too. That started the vicious cycle of going to bed late and waking up later in the morning therefore, strengthening the idea that I was not a morning person.


Just take the next step!

The mission trip for me, changed my life and my business! I didn’t even intend to go there but, I went there on faith. (I’ll share more about my trip on social media and in my next blog post.) What really changed for me was focusing on gratitude. I also focused on, now what I feel is an obligation to share with the world, my gifts. Everybody has gifts! I have an obligation to keep growing and teach others. I believe WE ALL have that influence in our lives whether it’s with our kids or our family. We have that responsibility to show up as the best version of ourselves. We are continually working through that process.


Step 1: Claim it!

It was 2016 and this is when I went all in on personal growth. I remember going to Canada for training and one of the messages was about overcoming limiting beliefs and getting out of our comfort zone. That’s when I mastered becoming a morning person.

Want to change your life? Find a role model.


Maybe you’re listening to this and wondering how to set up a morning routine or maybe you’re happy with where you’re are. Maybe you’re ok with not being a morning person.

The reason I started to explore becoming more of a morning person because I chose role models, people who are successful, living the life that I want to live. I looked at what they were doing because I wanted to model their behavior to get to where they are. If you want to be a fit person, you have to look at what fit people do. One of the role models I chose was Susan Sly.


She wrote a book called, “The Have-It-All Woman”. She has a medical condition and is a woman who does not let limiting beliefs keep her from competing the Iron Man. She wakes up at 4:30am! Another role model is former Navy Seal Jocko Willink. He wrote the book, “Extreme Ownership” and is the host of The Jocko Podcast. (When I’m not feeling motivated in the morning, that’s what I’m listening to!)


Get Moving

First thing’s first. If you want to change your life, change your fitness routine, if you want to just start being happier in general and start making a bigger impact, find a role model! I could have held on to the identity and to the belief that I’m not a morning person. Because my motivation for success and for personal growth was so big, I’m was able to look those limiting beliefs and figure out if they were really true or if they are just true for me at that time.


Start Telling People

I first claimed it in 2016 (although I was relying heavily on caffeine to make it true).  The second thing is to declare it to others. Declare it to yourself then tell people, “I am a morning person!”  I remember being in Charlotte with 2 other women at a business training event. I was getting up at 5:30am to workout and they asked me if I was a morning person. I declared “Yes I am!” They believed it! So, me claiming it and going through the behaviors actually created a morning person in me.


Step 3: Set up a nighttime routine  

The third thing is going to bed early. If you want to start changing your lifestyle, then you need to set the clock back and get to bed earlier. For me, getting to bed an hour earlier equated with me getting up an hour earlier. You could start this tomorrow! Set your clock! Going to bed early will automatically set you up to wake early the next morning. A couple of things I did to help me fall asleep early was set boundaries before bed. I worked from home so it was easy for me to work at night, on my computer, in my bed. I stopped taking my computer into my room. I set my phone to turn on a program that filters out blue light. (Blue light from your phone can mess with your sleep cycle.) I like to start winding down an hour before bed. I’ll even have to cut off my coaching calls to make sure I can have that hour to relax. So, I set boundaries. I also created habitual behaviors like using a sleep spray 20 minutes before bed. This is a trigger for me to say I’m getting ready for bed. You can use lavender or melatonin to help you fall asleep.


“Open your hands and your heart to receive this day as a precious gift from me.”  – God

 This is a quote from my devotional as if God is speaking to us. I would love to say I feel like this, popping out of bed every morning but usually I don’t. It can be a battle to fight off the negative thoughts. I will immediately put on worship music. I have a playlist on YouTube with uplifting songs. I’ll even listen to podcasts or a meditation that gets me grateful and moving in the morning.


Stop hitting the snooze button!

 We usually will hit the snooze button over and over again. I actually have alarms set physically across the room that makes me get out of my bed to turn off those alarms. Once I’ve gotten out of bed, I know I am not going back in! This is a standard I’ve set for myself. I love getting up early now, even when I have to train a client at 5:30am because I get so much more done in my day. I will spend my morning getting my mindset right while walking my dogs in the park and enjoying a devotional. No matter what I’m doing in the morning, I’m always listening to something that is uplifting and motivational. I’m always moving. Whether it’s a morning run or working out in my gym, moving is what gets me going.

I’m on day 11 without caffeine!


If you haven’t heard, I’m going to a business retreat in Bali and it is caffeine free.

 I would like to say that it’s been beautiful without caffeine but, it’s been tough. What I’ve realized is that I need to get out and get moving. Getting the blood flowing has helped me to feel awake and rejuvenated in the morning so I can be the best person that day.  Nutritionally, I would tell you to get in some nice, clean sources of caffeine like organic coffee to help you in the morning.  Find one that has trace minerals in it so you’re getting some added nutrition from it. Don’t just grab any coffee from the shelf. If you want to go caffeine free, you can have warm water with lemon in it right when you first wake up. This will get your system going.


What’s the perfect morning routine?

 So many people will ask me, “what do you do; what should I do?” The perfect morning routine is always changing and evolving. It’s not about copying what I do or what someone else does. You can model a routine and then shape it around what will work for you. You need to find where your being pulled to do. For me, it’s getting up and moving. I’m also being called to more meditation, prayer, and journaling.


I would love to start a discussion with you!

If you aren’t already apart of my Facebook group, check out Fit Faith Freedom Lifestyle where we talk about all sorts of stuff like personal growth, development, and mindset. It’s free to join! We can start a discussion around morning routines. Just click on the link below!

Just adding that one thing…

If you don’t currently have a morning routine, just adding that one thing can get you started. Here’s the deal, we all have a routine. It just may be jumping out of bed angry. That was my routine for so many years! It’s time to shift it to where you want to be going and how you want to show up in life.


 Find your tribe!

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Join the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/fitfaithfreedom

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Listen to “Jocko Podcast”: http://jockopodcast.com/


Tony Robbins Hour of Power video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjm0mUPYnXk


Susan Sly Podcast: https://susansly.com/thesusanslyproject/


Beautiful Power Retreat: Sign up today for Early Bird Pricing!




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