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Episode 008: Amanda Wright: Finding Freedom in Faith, Breaking Fitness & Business Rules

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Amanda Wright joined us today as the first Fit.Faith guest in the Rulebreaker Lifestyle #fitfaithseries . As faith is solely responsible for all I’ve done, all I have and all I will ever do, I want to honor this space as a place to share faith, mindset strategies and stories of women and their practice along their journey. Amanda shares with us her struggles, her strategies, and her support for going through life with the “unknowns”.

Amanda is a strength and conditioning specialist, certified nutrition coach and owner of A. Wright Fit health coaching company. She specialized in teaching women how to grow STRONGher in body, WISEher in mindset, all by living more SURRENDhered to God. She believes in a holistic and lifestyle based approach to nutrition and fitness and loves talking about how faith can radically improve our physical health too.

From breaking the business rules by combining fitness and faith, to changing her fitness and nutrition routine to support growing a human baby, she places her faith practice at the forefront of her life and teaches others to do the same. I know you’ll get lots of inspiration from this episode, and if you want more faith & fitness, download your copy of the Fit.Faith 28 day fitness & faith devotional called Create.Believe.Conquer . You can find it at createbelieveconquer.info

Download the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode008

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