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Episode 006: Camy Show Part 2- Breaking the Nutrition Rules & Overcoming Perfectionist Mindset: Top 3 Nutrition Strategies

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In this episode of the Camy show, I share with you three of my top nutritional strategies that allow living balanced (ie. Eating carbs, enjoying wine, etc) while working on fat loss or better yet, maintaining. Mindset strategies discuss how to choose your goals, what it will take you to get there, and how to set yourself up for success by ditching the all-or-nothing. Recovering perfectionists will find food freedom in this episode as we talk about body image, fat loss, and how to create balanced meals that promote fat loss. You will get actionable steps to add into your daily life after listening to this episode. Beyond that, there are several resources for you including The Better Method & Ultimate Accountability Coaching. Find out what your next best strategy for a life of love, living and letting go of all the rules! Download the show notes: www.camykennedy.com/episode006

This episode of the Camy Show is brought to you by The Better Method Online Nutrition Course & Ultimate Accountability Coaching. These tools will serve you matter where you are on your wellness journey. Beginners to living a balanced nutritional lifestyle will start with the DIY 8 Week Online nutrition course called The Better Method which teaches you how to have sustainable fat-loss while enjoying your favorite carbs. For women wanting high value, high access one on one coaching for nutrition, mind and body transformation, my Ultimate Accountability Coaching was designed for you. We will work together each week with your end goal in mind, and create strategies that are designed for your specific lifestyle. To find out more, book a complimentary call with me: http://www.camykennedy.com/call

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