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Episode 005: Nardia Norman Breaks All the Rules: Marriage, Movement & Mindset

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This episode we talk to New Zealander Nardia Norman who’s bio reads: “I LOVE wine, books, barbells and helping women live ‘hell-fkg-yes’ lives.” When I met Nardia, I knew in a moment that we were kindred spirits and I needed to have her on the podcast. Turns out she’s a self-proclaimed Freedomologist and fellow rule-breaker, and in this episode we talk about breaking the rules of marriage, movement & mindset. Nardia gives us strategies to use when we are coming back from a sedentary period in our lives. She talks about her own personal growth and mindset maturity on the journey. I promise you will get great value from this interview, laugh with us, and trust that Nardia, with an “r”, will get real, raw and rebellious during this show!

Download the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode005

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