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Enjoy some wine and chocolate on the weekend!

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You can have your wine and chocolate (with protein).

You can have your wine and chocolate (with protein).

Want that glass of wine? You can! Just pair it with a protein and veggie such as steak and salad or chicken and green beans. This gives you a proper macronutrients in one meal — keeping your blood sugar stabilized and preventing your body from storing the extra carbs as body fat.

Diets are not something you can or should sustain for your entire life. What is important is finding out what works for you. Sometimes it can feel frustrating because you feel like you’ve tried everything, and failed at everything. Putting protein in each of your meals is a great way to keep you feeling full.  Following these guidelines are part of creating a healthy metabolism.

Each meal:
  1. lean protein (size of your palm)
  2. complex carbohydrate (size of fist)
  3. healthy fat (size of thumb)

Weekends are made for fun, but letting it all go can hinder your progress.

When I’m craving chocolate, I go for a Power Crunch Choklat bar from the freezer. This way I can feel like I’ve had my fun on the weekends, like some like wine, but still feel successful on my journey.

The thing that keeps me motivated and convinced that I am on the right track is that fitness and nutrition is a journey, just like life. You learn as you go. I have discovered that blood sugar stabilization (and keeping me from getting disastrously hungry) is the key to my success. This means that I can still have the things I want to have on weekends, when I combine them with protein at a meal. To learn more about blood sugar and weight management, see my certifying body, Venice Nutrition. Contact me below if you have questions on how to get started.

-camy kennedy

certified nutrition coach


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