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Energy Hacks for High Achievers

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By Camy Kennedy, Life Coach​




Hello friends, 

I invite you to this beautiful spiritual space with your open mind. It is a safe space for everyone. Not only have I worked with clients from a Christian perspective, I have also worked with Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and agnostic. I have a degree in Molecular Cell Biology and have been studying neuroscience, psychology, and the brain for over 15 years. 

Energy is everything. We are a soul living in a human body, and are mere existence cannot only be looked at as mechanical or physical. There is so much more to managing our energy, and today I will share with you a few tools to assist in your energy up-grades, protection and peak state. 

Now, you need to understand that there is the energy behind everything.
To give you an example let’s talk about social media for a while – imagine a profile that is so beautiful, all set up by a very skilled social media manager. It catches your eye but the feeling is empty. The person is obviously presenting a mission but the alignment within is missed. Whereas you go to a profile which might be a bit messy, and not perfect but the energy behind the action wants to make you connect directly.
Our energy creates our life experience. With that being said, you understand how powerful energy can be. Any decision made from fear will never work, however any decision that has been made from faith will work very well. 

But how to apply this into your regular life? 
It is essential to find the balance between the spiritual and the physical. You cannot focus on only one or the other. Focus both on your mission but do not forget to manifest it and to project it into your mind, so your physical reality has no choice but to match that frequency.⠀
To find that balance, I’ve found three pillars that work not only for me, but for my clients. Those are meditation, movement and journaling. 
  • Meditation 
To start with a meditation, you can search for a guided one, or just simply take a moment for yourself, focus on your breathing, close your eyes, sit still and let everything else be.let the thoughts come. Mediation is not about having no thought but about noticing the thoughts that are coming. You can find some of my guided meditations here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLehtz4vmmrijM0uYJGnluozhEPuBye8Zh
Any movement is welcomed here – whether you’re a yoga fan or a runner, go and celebrate your self-love and enjoy the energy within.
  • Journaling 
Journaling can be used alongside meditation or as a daily gratitudes or to write goals. Focusing on what you are grateful for and celebrating wins is a great energy boost. Not only that, but you will activate the part of your brain that focuses on and finds the good. What we focus on, we find.
Celebrate your small victories and write down thing you’re grateful for. If your day was not really good, then try to always find a small part of that day which was great and you were happy to be a part of it. 
  • Movement 
Now, as a former personal trainer an health coach, of course I will tell you that exercise and movement is paramount to your mental and physical health. Yet, any form of movement will change your state. Tony Robbins says: Motion = eMotion.
You can apply this movement to your daily when your energy normally dips, like when you have been seated for a while, or realise that you were just triggered by seeing something on social media/email. 

If you feel like you cannot keep going and you need to get a bit of fresh air, go outside. Take a moment. It will clear up not only your mind, but also your energy. Take five or ten minutes, and your whole perspective and activity will change rapidly.

One of my favourite activity to change the energy is to dance around. Put your favourite song on or song that makes you feel alive and dance for a few minutes.
This is such a powerful move to do, and when you create this habit, you will have an energy tool that you can use anytime you want to change your state. 

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