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The top 10 reasons my dog and I are alike

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When you hang out with your dog more than other humans, you get to know these things. #bestfriends

The top 10 reasons my dog and I are alike:

  1. We are not morning peopleIMG_2616
  2. We share the same favorite color (purple)
  3. We both snore
  4. We both loving being outside in the woods
  5. We don’t love running but we will still do it
  6. We love eating
  7. We love bacon
  8. We love laying on the couch (but she is not really allowed)
  9. Both of our doctors told us we could lose a few pounds (maybe cut back on the bacon and do a little more running)
  10. We both love kisses, cuddles and spooning

The ways we are not alike:

  1. She does not like DIY projects – in fact she is not at all helpful, and she will protest by laying in the middle of whatever I’m doing
  2. She does not like my singing or when I talk to her in weird voicesIMG_2615
  3. She doesn’t really lift weights
  4. She likes to go to bed early
  5. She likes chasing squirrels
  6. She doesn’t read many books
  7. She doesn’t wear bright colored shoes
  8. She believes that laying down on the ground can get you anything
  9. She thinks other dogs are boring/dumb
  10. She does not like getting her hair styled



Who is your best friend? Would love to see a picture of you both! Head on over to my Facebook page and share your picture and how you are alike!

~See you there~



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