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DIY Tire Sled Pull Under $30

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DIY Tire Sled Pull with Straps and Belt Under $30

Okay so it was my birthday in February and I invited my friend Michelle (www.michellesheetz.com) to come eat breakfast with me (gluten free pancakes and egg whites) and then go on an adventure with me to find a tire to complete a tire workout. It was the best birthday ever — and so great to have friends that want to do the things I like to do!

I found a pretty good tutorial over on itstactical.com and they had some pretty good info, but like always, I’ve gotta do it my own way and do it cheaper, easier and better.

And I’m providing you with a very descriptive tutorial so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did!

Step 1: Go to a tire place.

We walked in and explained that we were creating a workout space in the garage and politely asked the guy at counter if they had any tires they were getting rid of that we could take off their hands. The guy checked with some other guys in the back and said in his Southern accent, “Yeah, I think we can help you ladies out with that.” (Oh, to be a girl in the South 🙂 So we rolled around back and picked out 2 pristine tires and tossed them in my back seat. I was overjoyed.

Step 2: Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot

Here’s what I learned about asking people for help at Lowe’s for a DIY project — don’t. Every time I go in there and try to explain what the heck I’m doing, they look at me like I’m crazy and usually are no help at all. Do your research before you go in there. Here is the list of items you need from Lowe’s.

1 – 1/4″ x 4 inch eyebolt with nut ($.93)

1 – quarter sized washer ($.25)

1 – 3 1/8 Blue Hawk Spring link (under $4)

1 – 4 in spring link / carabiner (around $5)tire sled pull eyebolt

Step 3; Order the other items with Amazon Prime

I found some really heavy duty stuff on amazon (motor/axle straps) instead of going for some ghetto rope or expensive nylon from Lowe’s.

Here are the links to order the straps and the belt:

Straps: Keeper (04228) 36″ x 2″ Premium Axle Strap with D-Ring $7.97

Belt: Keeper (02606) 10′ x 1″ Lift Sling, 1 Ply $8.29

tire sled pull spring links
Step 4: Drill hole in the tire (in between the tread)

So we quickly found out that tires are hard to drill through, because they actually have some metal inside that creates a bit of a problem. When choosing your eye bolt you need it to be small-ish. At first I went too big and heavy duty (about the size of a mechanical pencil) and there was no way we were drilling a hole big enough to get that through. So I went back a got the smaller size. We drilled 2 holes beside each other, overlapping, to create a bigger hole.

Step 5: Insert the eye bolt, washer and nut

The eye bolt goes through the tire, the washer goes on the inside of the tire and the nut is tightened.tire sled eyebolt placement

Step 6: Once the straps and belt arrive..attach them using the clamps

The smaller clamp is used to attach the straps to the eyebolt. The larger clamp is used to secure the belt around your waist and attach the strap handles to the belt.

Step 7: Insert dumbells into the inside, front of the tire.

We started off by trying 2x 25lb dumbells and that was challenging enough, espeically going uphill!

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Here are a few exercises you can do with a tire pull:

Front pulls (strap around waist)
Backwards pulls (strap around waist)
Lateral shuffle (strap around waist)
Seated reach and pull (loop strap around to make it longer)
Standing reach and pull (loop strap around to make it longer)


tire slep pull forward


tire sled forward pull










camy png






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