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How do I deal with stress?

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Too blessed to be Stressed“…


let’s not get crazy here — this is a title of a book that i picked up at the airport yesterday.

the airportwhich i am at bi-weekly on a destination somewhere across the country to sell stuff to people.

stress = rush out the door to find out your flight is delayed, sitting in an airport for 5 hours, not getting your luggage off the plane, losing your baggage claim ticket, not being able to locate the luggage at baggage claim, going to the rental counter to find out you did not make a reservation there, getting back on the air rail to the other car rental place to pick up your car that is a giant SUV, drive to the hotel near new york city, get lost on the way there, cannot find parking once you get there….


then….check into your room and see the NYC skyline and remember that you are blessed.  you get to travel to all the major cities in the US and stay in hotel rooms over looking the city lights. you drive rental cars that you could not afford. you have food, transportation, gym and hotel all paid for. your laying in a comfy bed with clean, white sheets in a suite with a full kitchen and big screen tv. you can focus on the negative or the positive..it is all perspective.


your life might not look exactly like this. and you may think this truly is a blessed life. but remember — there is someone else out there looking at YOUR life thinking the same thing.


try this reframing exercise below to change your perspective:

“i have so much school work to do and these classes are so hard!”
  • Reframe: i am so blessed to be able to attend college and have the opportunity to get a degree and earn more money for my family that i will have one day.
“i have so many bills and it seems like i always owe money to someone!”
  • Reframe: i am blessed that i always have enough money to pay these bills and i have the luxury of a place to live, running water, electricity and cable/internet.
“my job is so stressful and everyone expects so much from me!”
  • Reframe: i am blessed to have a job and the ability to work and earn money and i know that i am learning something valuable through this experience.
“there are so many negative people in my life that i have to deal with everyday!”
  • Reframe: i am blessed with the ability to notice negativity and not react to it in a negative way. i know that i can control the way i act and feel and i am happy that i don’t have to be negative too!


you can look at all your life experiences from two sides. what are your friends helping you do? do they join in your pity party or do they lift you up and remind you what you have to be thankful for?

Share this link with a friend who has helped you “reframe” or you think could use a bit of help in that area…



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