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Courage to Live an Enchanted Life (And Business)

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I asked my beautiful energetic Goddess friend Melissa Kim Corter to prepare a blog for us to truly step into the magic of what we are creating. Often we are fearful of being seen as “different’ or stepping away from our community to lead our soul’s calling in life. This magical woman is here to share with you how we can unappologetically embody our magic. Enjoy, Camy 

The following is written by Melissa Corter from www.melissacorter.com

Melissa is a Best-Selling Author + Certified Hypnotherapist helping clients discover their relationship to money and power. Melissa uses coaching, hypnotherapy, and her psychology background to help her clients thrive and prosper.

The Courage to Live an Enchanted Life (And Business)

  • It all sounds so glamorous…Bathing crystals in the light of a full moon, smudging to clear the negative vibes you have been carrying after an argument, looking up the meaning of angel numbers or what animal totem came across your path. Discerning dreams and following your gut. These are all forms of practices and rituals many of us are familiar with. The hidden power in these practices is the intention and practice of them, without magic the ritual becomes a simple chore.

It takes courage to live an enchanted life and business; to move left when everyone else is going right, to say no when it doesn’t make sense, to keep going when the doors are closing all around you.

Living an enchanted life and business is not about dismissing or ignoring the challenges and contrasting life experiences we encounter, it is about trusting so deeply and profoundly in yourself and your inner guidance, and knowing everything is happening for you… not to you.

So then what stops us from embracing our magic? 

Somewhere along the way we believed a lie about our power versus a the truth about our magic. In my 28 years of doing professional readings I have discovered the three ways we lose our magic:

It all happens somewhere before the age of twelve….

1. We WITNESSED an experience that created an internal story about our value, worth, or presence.

2. We HAD an experience where we were told a lie about our value, worth, or presence and had it directed at us.

3. We FELT an experience and absorbed others peoples feelings and emotions likely impacting how we feel about our own value, worth, or presence.

When we witness an experience we might see someone else being shamed, harmed, or judged in a manner that is too big for our small little hearts to understand. The feeling and emotion needs to go somewhere, and when it feels really big, the mind kicks in along with the nervous system to determine how we will respond to it. In most situations, we stuff or suppress it; creating an unconscious pattern about it. The same happens when we have the experience, meaning someone else directs negative words or harmful action at us and it has a negative lasting impact.

Witnessing an incident or trauma can cause us to play it safe, avoiding taking risks, or going against the herd. Intuition calls us into action, inviting us to awaken our highest selves, the part of us that lives in two worlds: human form and the divine form of self. We want both, a spiritual being having the human experience, yet the human experience sometimes overshadows the voices, messages, impulses, and nudges from the divine self.

Part of our magic, is reclaiming our truest most divine self, and trusting in it completely…regardless of how we leaked power away in younger years. This takes courage, courage to align with your magic, your intuition, and your divinity.

We fear trusting intuition because on some level either internally or externally we’ve given power away.

We fear intuition because it does not always look or appear in a linear format.

Many of us have been taught to only believe in what we can see, and prove to be true with evidence.

It is a little edgy to be the only one in a boardroom relying on a gut feeling when data, people, statistics, or information tells a different story. We have also had the experience of not listening, I call these our cosmic two by four moments, the ones we reflect on and wish we would have listened or trusted.

When we don’t listen to the nudge or ignore the red flag, the tap on the shoulder might become a push that knocks you down.

What if we actually stood up and went against the grain?

We can, and we should…yet we need to understand how this goes again human nature first. Humans run away from pain and gravitate toward pleasure, this is called the pleasure principle. We instinctively want to belong and fit in. If your gut is telling you to walk away from a multimillion dollar deal, but everyone else has already signed on the dotted line, what would you do?

Regardless of what you believe in, you can find a safe way to tap into your essence.

One way is to acknowledge all the ways you ALREADY are. It is time for us to normalize intuition instead of thinking it involves Hollywood level moments like in the movies.

Freewriting is a wonderful way to connect to your divine self and to practice trusting and letting go, learning how to access this part of you and create more space for it to arrive in your day to day life.

Try journaling on the following prompts:

  1. How do I know I am making the right decision?
  2. How can I normalize my intuition so it feels natural?
  3. In what ways has my intuition served me?
  4. What limiting or false beliefs about intuition or spirituality am I willing to let go of?

A glowing angel appearing before you is not necessarily the way your divine guidance will appear, but it might be a subtle knowing to “do this and not that”.

There are many labels, beliefs, and stigmas attached to spirituality and intuition, and they are all rooted in a lack of knowledge, experience, and fear of the unknown.

This can cause curiosity or fear, some will have a desire to learn more while others reject the possibility instead of wanting to explore it. Our upbringing, influences, and environment play a huge role in this.

Many people are unsure and afraid because they have been taught to be afraid. A few examples of triggering labels are new age, occult, witch, tarot, and many more, some of us have been conditioned to believe these things are demonic, sinful, or evil and this could not be farther from the truth.

None of the things are bad or wrong, it is always about the intention

Wanting to connect to a greater power to fulfill your dreams intentions and desires is a part of your birthright.

Wanting to connect to a higher power to cause harm or pain to another is rooted in the mal-intent of the person not the tool or modality. As an example, money can be used as a form of control, or it can be utilized as a tool to bring dreams to life. Intuition and spirituality are the same way; honor yourself and find what works best for you, there is not just one way to embrace your intuition and magic

As an female entrepreneur, learning to trust my inner guidance has been one of the most difficult lessons for me, and one of the reasons why I am so passionate about guiding women through these scenarios and situations, encouraging them to trust and empower themselves. Connecting to your inner guidance can help you make decisions that are aligned for your highest good, instead of settling for less or reacting from a fear based mindset. Honoring your intuition not only helps you but it often has a ripple effect of serving others as well.

Accessing the innate wisdom within you can open doors to more abundance, prosperity, and money as well as resources, collaborations, connections, inspirations, processes, and life changing opportunities.

If you trust you are being led, you will more likely take inspired action and allow yourself to amplify these blessings in your life.

Living an enchanted life will also enrich the lives of those around you. You are worth it, and not meant to do it all alone, your inner guidance is here to serve you so you can open up to more joy and fulfillment while making a difference on this planet. Your magic and medicine are not meant to be kept hidden….it’s time to unleash your light to make the impact you came to make~

A free gift:

Tap into Your Soul: www.melissacorter.com/tap-into-your-soul 

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