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  • Beth

    Hello! I just found you through Jen Sinklers Facebook account and I am super sad that I missed your #glutetober challenge!! I am sure it was a great challenge!

    I am writing because I have an interesting challenge. I have a good workout and nutrition base but for the last several months my fiancĂ© is driving everywhere all day for work and he has asked me for help in packing his lunches and snacks and I’m having a hard time finding healthy things for lunch that don’t have to be warmed up or will be substantial enough for him. Would you be willing to do a different package to help me find recipes and ideas for him? We don’t need a full 12 week program or more? We just need some starting ideas since we eat so healthy the rest of the time.

    Thank you so much!
    Beth Nemec

  • Sheena Phillips

    Good Morning,
    Hello Ms. Kennedy how are you doing? My name is Sheena Phillips and I wanted toget some more information about your fitness training and pricing as well. Hope to talk tonyou soon. Have a great day.

  • Brian Campbell

    Hey Camy,

    I found you through some mutual friends on facebook. I own a perform-well facility in the Raleigh-Durham area and work with athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We are reaching out to trainers and other fitness professionals to introduce you to some of our services to help keep your clients physically and mentally healthy so they can crush the goals you help them set. I’d love to have the opportunity to meet with you and talk about how we can help you and your clients. Look forward to hearing from you.



  • Sarah McComas

    Hi Camy,

    I just wanted to reach out to you as I came across your very impressive website. We have been reaching out to some facilities that we have heard great things about in the area and would love to have a chance to introduce ourselves to you and tell you about some of our services that can help to keep your clients free of injury and quick to recover! We specialize in athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and especially individuals with weight loss goals. We’d love to have you come into our office to try our whole body cryotherapy and meet our with our Doctor of physical therapy. He can explain more about how we get people through injuries, soreness or pain faster than any other health professional in the triangle. Would you be interested in setting something up?

    Feel free to email or call our office at: 919-473-6165

    Thanks so much,


  • Annie Sullivan

    Hey Camy-

    I have been working out at Orangetheroy and talked to you a bit about emailing you. I am having a really hard time with nutrition and probably not eating enough. I am getting married October 8th and just want to look my best. I was hoping we could talk about the different options you offer with nutritional coaching. Thank and see you in class!!

  • Anastasia Trueman


    I’d love to chat with you after class one day about doing a program with you. I just found this and realize I’ve missed the start date but would love to talk with you about your program! I used to be super in shape, running all the time and then was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism after I got really sick and gained 50 lbs. I’ve lost 17 of that now, but definitely need some serious help still. And- I just turned 40, so I want to be the best version of myself for that too! 🙂 Let me know when we can chat!



  • Laura Griffis

    Good afternoon Cami!

    We know NC bloggers keep their finger on the pulse of local news and events, keeping readers up to date on the latest trends and opportunities. This is why we wanted to reach out in advance to extend a formal invitation to a launch party on Thursday, Jan. 26 hosted by Stop Hunger Now, a NC-based nonprofit. To allow enough time to plan to attend we’ve included information below that is under embargo (CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be posted) until Jan. 26th at 6 p.m. Please let us know if you have any questions related to the embargo.

    Please see the details below and feel free to let me know if you have any questions as well as if you plan to attend!

    The event is a celebration and ribbon cutting to launch their new name, Rise Against Hunger, at their new headquarters. Taking a local twist on “Iron Chef,” Raleigh chefs from Plates and Irregardless Café will use rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a packet of 23 essential vitamins—the items used in meal packages that are distributed to needy children worldwide by Rise Against Hunger—to cook up small plates in honor of the organization’s vision to end world hunger in our lifetime. We hope you are able to join us as we celebrate this important milestone and gain momentum for the global movement to end world hunger by the year 2030!

    Hope to see you there!

    Stop Hunger Now ribbon cutting and reception. Thursday, January 26th from 4-5 p.m. ET at 3733 National Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612

  • Adianna Perez

    Hi Cammy! I attend Kings Park International Church in Durham. I saw your post on the city for the Vision Board Workshop. I just wanted to know what the age group was for this event? Thanks!

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