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I will never cleanse!

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I’ll never do a cleanse!


In the 5th grade, being die-hard tomboy, I adamantly stated, “I’ll never wear makeup!” I’m still adamant about most things. But things change. I do wear make up. And today was my first cleanse day.

Top 6 reasons why I never wanted to cleanse:

  1. I love food
  2. I don’t love drinking my food – I like to eat it
  3. I get hangry
  4. I don’t want to go a week without eating solid food
  5. I’ve seen people “cleanse” and they are miserable and look like they are dying
  6. I love food (I’m so serious about this that it needs to be listed twice)


How did I go from never even being interested in cleansing to a full-blown cleanse day in the matter of weeks? Well – I learned.  I found some products that worked for others and they weren’t miserable. These folks got me with the few charming nuggets below:


Top 6 reasons I decided to cleanse:

  1. It is only a 1 or 2 day process
  2. I can use my natural energy supplement and natural accelerator (for fat burning)
  3. I can have snacks, an apple and several pieces of CHOCOLATE.
  4. Yes, I said chocolate. It’s infused with green tea and provides mood enhancement and energy
  5. It’s only 1 day. I’ve fasted for 1 day before and that was without the energy support.
  6. The cleansing is designed to give your organs and digestive system a break so they can perform more efficiently when you resume eating meals.


I found out that I could eat chocolate on cleanse days.

Now just to be candid and let you know what my cleanse day was like – I’m not using any harsh laxatives or crazy chemicals and taking pictures of my bowl movements.



This cleanse is designed to create a more alkaline atmosphere in my body and help drop those last stubborn 10 pounds.


I followed my schedule of drinking 4 cleanses throughout the day – which are easy to drink and taste a little like berry. It’s just a flavored powder mixed in 8 oz of water so it is not hard to drink.

I was able to have a small apple, snacks and eat 4 pieces of chocolate which would suppress my appetite for hours after eating.  Around 3pm I got a little sluggish, but that was right when I took my natural energy drink and then I was good to go. It’s almost 9pm and I don’t feel like eating anyone.  I feel accomplished and lighter and I know it was only 1 day!

I will probably cleanse 1-2 times a month if my day allows for it. It’s probably easier to do at home on a weekend then it would be at work, since you are pretty much drinking or eating something every few hours and you need to respond when your body needs energy.

I’m happy to report I have been coffee-free for 2 days since using my natural energy. And I didn’t have any headaches! Share your story if you’ve ever cleansed and hated it – or if you’ve had a good experience I would love to know.  If you want to know more about the cleanse I did, contact me below or email me.



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