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Why change is good.

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orange theory fitnessWhy is change good?

Changing up y;our workouts will keep you from reaching a plateau.

Adding in something fun to your workouts can keep you coming back.

Doing group exercise has been shown to increase attendance.

Having to schedule a workout gives you accountability.


What is Orange Theory Fitness and where can I find it?

OTF is a 60 minute interval workout designed around optimum heart rate for fat loss. The class includes treadmill, rowing, weighted exercises, body weight movements and TRX. It is a group fitness class where beginners and athletes can still get their best workout. Motivated by each other and even the “weight loss challenge” OTF has developed a cult-like following where orange-clad members keep coming back for more.

Get a great workout with new friends and Orange Theory Fitness.

Get a great workout with new friends and Orange Theory Fitness.

You can find Orange Theory Fitness locations and more information by clicking here. You are in luck if you live in NC, FL, PA, CA, TX and many other states.

Your first class is free to try. Please mention “Camy Kennedy” when referring. Sign up for a free class here.


-camy kennedy

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