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CBC Full Immersion Framework

8 Week Full Immersion Framework | Skilled Coaching for Major Life Changes

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This 8 Week Full Immersion Framework is for High Achievers Who Know They Are Worth More Than Their Current Circumstances

Skilled Coaching for Major Life Changes.

Working With A Skilled Coach

Your Coach Camy Kennedy, BS Biology has over 8 years of coaching women on health, self love, relationships, wealth & career/business. Working with a skilled coach that asks you the right questions and holds a mirror up for you, will allow you to do the work to breakthrough, shift your perspective and take the actions that align with your top priorities and vision – so that life looks different for you than it had in the past.

A past client said: “Camy is such a compassionate, smart and understanding person who is so in-tune with showing grace, and love and kindness to you while you are growing and in that uncomfortable space of growing.”

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Get Crystal Clear On Your Priorities & Take Action

The full immersion nature of this 6 week program provides space, community and coaching to do the real work. Often women come into this program needing to re-focus and get back into flow. Then we can work the plan together, with the high level of accountability that you need. It’s important what we do now, and what priorities we focus on, as it will affect us in the next year. In this framework you are really able to achieve some major life changes with the tools and strategies you learn. 

A past client said: “I think Camy just brings a great energy and focus – she asks me the right questions – I’m actually a certified coach myself – but I find it really valuable to work with a skilled coach such as Camy because she really does help unblock any blocks that I’ve been having and achieving what I want to work on.”

All The Tools You Need to Transform Your Life

This full immersion framework will surround you with other women in a comfortable community as we are in the uncomfortable space of growth. With weekly live trainings, Zoom coaching calls, weekly homework and daily checkins, the only thing that could possibly get in the way of your success is you. Which is why there is a community of women accountable to each other and showing up. Get very clear on what direction to move in. Achieve some big life goals in career, relationships, finances and self love. Get tools to practice in real time during the program. Have a new set of tools and perspective moving forward to make life look different than it had for you before. 

Are you ready to overcome procrastination and step into your potential in the next 8 weeks?

You want freedom, you want results, you want life to look different than it has before.

Then you must start creating something new, believing something empowering, and conquering the plan in front of you. These three components will be broken down in simple terms and implementable structures over the next 6 weeks.

The energetics, tools, strategies, skilled coaching and high level accountably create the framework so you can shift your outcomes. Inside the program you will have daily breakthroughs and support for any and all breakdowns. From the moment you say “yes” to yourself you will experience the energetics that will shift your perspective for life. There’s no going back to the mindset you had before. It is continual progression from here on out.


The work you put into the CBC full immersion framework, will create a compounded effect in just six weeks with ripples into the coming year. Imagine your life in 10 years when you continue to show up for you, do the work, and recreate yourself. It’s pure magic. And that’s what’s in store for the next 8 weeks in the CBC Full Immersion Framework.

Are you ready to stop self-sabbotaging and fully believe in yourself?

Note: This framework has recently been updated to add more value! It is now 8 weeks long! 
This program runs Jan. 20th – March 17th, 2021

"This was the best gift that I could give myself."

"I found myself in this place where I had lost my focus on my priorities. I was having a very hard time getting that energy back. I knew that it was really important for me to be accountable to the process and I find working with Camy really helped me do that. I’ve asked Camy to work with me going forward so that I am really able to achieve some major life changes that I’m working on. I think she just brings a great energy and focus – she asks me the right questions – I’m actually a certified coach myself – but I find it really valuable to work with a skilled coach such as Camy because she really does help unblock any blocks that I’ve been having and achieving what I want to work on. Having this time to really gather with these women has really been the best gift that I could give myself. "
heidi w.
Operations Director

"You helped me change my life."

"Camy has helped me change my entire life. What started as a short 6 week group to work on self love, turned into a year of one on one coaching. She guided me and help me ensure I had a safe place to truly grow and learn what I wanted and to begin manifesting that for myself. If you’re looking for a truly loving, caring and authentic experience look no further! I owe everything to Camy! "
Stefanie H.
“To anyone who may be in a place where you feel like you are ready for a change its okay to be scared. Don’t say no to yourself out of fear. Where there is a will, there is a way. There is not a day that goes by in my life that I regret the time or the money that I invested in myself. I challenge you to sit in your fear and move forward.” -Stef, Former Client
This program runs Jan. 20th – March 10th, 2021. All details will be provided via email upon signup. Participants will have access to all recordings of LIVE calls. 

Your Coach, Camy Kennedy

Camy created this retreat as a container to transform women into their potential. Over the past 10 years, Camy has invested in personal development, education and coaches, as well as holds a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Cell Biology. She's been coaching women through transformation since 2013. The types of clients she's most likely to work with are: perfectionists, high achievers, and those who want to do it all, yet know there is something holding them back from living their full potential. In 2018, Camy said YES to herself and invested over $4K to travel to Bali, Indonesia for her personal transformation into Life Coaching. Her vision is to support women locally to have their own transformation without having to travel overseas to have their breakthrough. She's making personal development accessible and removing the excuses by creating powerful retreats right here in North Carolina. Camy has led women in Costa Rica, Bali, Uganda and Rwanda and is a national women's empowerment speaker and podcaster.
To read more about Camy, visit the about page: www.camykennedy.com/about

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