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life wheel

Life Assessment

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#WBCFay Self Love in Business Self Assessment Your wheel of power or life assessment is designed to measure where you are, without judgement, and set a plan in place to…

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camy kennedy vision board workshop

How to Create a Vision Board That Works

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If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about with Vision Boards, 2020 New Year and how to create one then you’re in the right place! If you’d like…

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What is the purpose of a vision board?

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You are probably coming from one of 3 places…. Yes!! I’ve always wanted to do a vision board (or it’s time for me to make a new one!) What is…

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Tax Time Again?

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$$ Yes, it’s Tax Time again.   And I am usually eager to get these buggers done so I can get sweet money in the bank. I have, however, had…

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Feeling Vulnerable? Daring Greatly…

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Daring Greatly. Currently I’m listening to an audiobook suggested to me by AskAliciaLozano written by “Story Teller / Researcher” Brene Brown. You can view her TedTalk here. Brene’s topic of…

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