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How can I get motivated?

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I have people ask me all the time — “How do you get motivated?”


Everyone is motivated by different things, and identifying what motivates you and keeps you on track is important.

Start to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How do you feel about your life right now?
  • Are there some areas that you would like to improve?
  • How important is each area in your life? (ie. career, finances, health, family)
  • Where are you focusing your time and energy currently? These areas are the most important to you.

If there are areas you would like to improve, you must devote some time and energy into determining what it is you want and then setting goals to achieve along the way.

The answer may not seem simple at first, but here are some things that you could try. Take notice if you are feeling accomplished when you use these tools.

  • Partnering up with a trusted¬†friend every few months to announce and write down your goals. Revisit accomplished goals at the end of every year and set new ones.
  • Set small attainable goals along the way. For example, drink 1 gallon of water today. You can even make this a challenge with your friend throughout the day.
  • Allow yourself a new reward every few weeks of your program, such as getting a pedicure or new workout clothes.

The biggest thing to find out about yourself is — can you motivate yourself?

It’s okay if you struggle getting motivated, as many of us do. Just identify that and reach out to someone, until you find a coach or person who is the right fit for your personality. Just having someone to be accountable to can increase your drive and determination toward your goal. Starting out with a coach is a great way for you to learn the tools to make you successful long term.


Comment below with what motivates you!

-camy kennedy


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