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7 ways to stop yourself from binge eating

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That time I ate 7 protein bars at one time because “they’re healthy, right?”

This is a bit embarrassing, but a few years ago I was known for my binge eating confessions. I ate an entire jar of peanut butter in 1 day. A box of cereal would only last 2 days. A bag of chips – HA! Cookies — wouldn’t even make it home from the store.

A co-worker of mine loved to hear my stories about what I ate over the weekend or the previous night and would laugh at my story telling. (I however, didn’t think it was funny because I knew I had a real problem – and I knew it was keeping me from my fitness goals).

Now, 3 years later, I can say I am happy, healthy, and have overcome the binge eating cycle. I’m determined to share this #rulebreakerlifestyle with all the women that I know!

During the month of October I will be scoping daily on my hot topics of health, mindset, spirituality, lifestyle design and of course #rulebreakerlifestyle. Here is my first scope of the month for #Octoberscope and in it I share 7 tips to help you STOP binge eating.


7 tips to help you stop binge eating:

  1. Take a look at your calories: Are your calories too low? Eating 1200 calories or less is too little. That is the MINIMUM amount of calories a woman should be eating in order to remain healthy. Being this low will cause your body to crave more foods — why??!! — because it is literally STARVING and trying to tell you that by giving you cravings.
  2. Take a look at your fats: Are your fat grams too low? The craze back in the day (and still today) is to go on a “low fat” diet, expecting that you will lose fat. That’s simply not a healthy way to live, and you will begin to see negative side effects from reducing your healthy fats too low. I think the media has done a good job at letting us know that we need fish oils, avocados, etc – but you may just think that’s the only way to lose fat! Try adding in a little bit of fat at each meal to keep you full and keep cravings away.
  3. Take a look at your carbs: This one is my favorite. (No, literally carbs are my favorite:) But also my favorite topic to yell strongly and caring consult with at people about. I had a friend who was complaining to me about not seeing changes in her weight “no matter what she does”. I immediately asked about her carbs and she said, “I have no carbs.” WHAT?!! Not only am I sad for you, I am angry for you too. Our bodies need at least 60 grams of carbs a day just for our brains to function properly. I’ve done low carb and carb cycling, and although they may work in the short term, I have yet to meet a person who actually enjoys this, let alone can do it for a lifetime sustain-ably. A better solution: moderate carbs. Increase your carbs by 50 grams a day and see what difference that makes!
  4. Take a look at your cardio: Cardio burns calories, yes. But since cardio burns calories, it also makes you HUNGRY! If you are doing 5+ days of cardio, you may need to think about cutting that back to reduce your appetite. More is not always better.
  5. How’s your sleep? When I’m sleepy I’m HANGRY. Plain and simple. I don’t want to control the things that go into my mouth. Doughnut? Sure. Cookies? Yes please. Fried foods? Done. Sleep reduction causes changes in our hormones and our bodies can respond with reduced will power and cravings. Figure out how many hours you need to feel good.
  6. How’s your stress? Duh. Stress makes us want to do something that makes us feel good. Eating feels good. That’s why most people come home and snack and much and feed their lonely faces. (That’s what I used to do…stressed, bored, tired, lonely — food was a solution to all of these voids). Try something else! A walk after work. Yoga. The gym. Call a friend, have coffee with a friend. Food is not the solution to your problems. In fact it is one of your problems until you can learn to stop the bingeing!
  7. Stop the deprivation mindset: What you can’t have you want. Period. Stop telling yourself that foods are “good” or “bad”. Instead, allow yourself to choose to have whatever you want when you want. Once you have been eating healthy for even a week, your body will crave the healthier foods because of how great your energy is. You can still have those “other foods” but you won’t want to as much because they aren’t as “bad” anymore. You can still enjoy them, but often times you will think they are not even worth your time.

These are some of the things that have helped me become balanced over the years and I’m super happy that I took the time to work on these things. As always, head over to my Facebook page and let me know what you think of this! Also – I’m always there so do me a big favor a leave a comment letting me know what blog topics / periscopes you would like to see next!



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