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The Best Booty Building Workout (with videos)

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“I like big butts and I cannot lie…”

Since starting doing more cardio lately, I’ve noticed a drop in my rear. Each year we age, and gravity does things to our bodies. Now, I’ve always had what you could call a “junk in the trunk” kind of booty. And I used to despise it. I couldn’t fit into jeans, and my butt crack would always show during those “low rise jeans” days.

I’ve gained 25 pounds and lost it, and gone up and down in weight as a result of yo-yo dieting for most of my life. But one thing has stayed. That bootay. Now, I have to credit some of this booty to my grandma (she got it from her momma), and I’ve always had a larger bottom half. So ladies with the self-proclaimed #pancakebutt can absolutely add some mass to that @ss, but know that it will take more concentrated effort for longer amounts of time if you don’t naturally have a plump behind.

For me and my fellow pear shaped ladies, we are more worried about making sure that booty is firm, and bouncey instead of flabby and chunky. I’ve had both, and when I clean up my eating, hit the weights and the booty-tastic cardio, I can see results within just a few weeks.

I’ve had comments about this rear ranging from “is it real, or are those implants?” to “I want your butt.” And quite honestly it used to make me feel kinda weird that people were googling my butt while I was just trying to walk by to the frozen yogurt shop. But alas, this @ss was built through years of being an athlete, (volleyball and track) and years of lifting heavy (lunges and squats). Since so many women want to learn how to build a round booty, I’m brining you one of my favorite booty building workouts (not for the faint of heart).

My training style is tough. In fact, one of my first dates was a leg day training in the gym with my man-crush. And he admired my drive to finish each rep without complaining, so much so that on the way out the door my legs gave out and I fell down, having to grab onto his arm (embarrassed). My point is, there is gonna be some yearning and burning this program, and you’ve gotta push through those reps to break down the muscles so they can build back up again BIGGER and BETTER!


A sample workout from Glute Gainz Project (beta)

Proper warm up:

Single leg glute bridges

Wall hip hinges

Walking lateral bands warm up

Hip thrusters
    • 4 rounds 0f bar + 25lbs each side
    • Reps: 12, 14, 16, 18

Glute kick back machine (4 rounds of this superset)
  • 15 reps each leg @ 70 pounds

**supersetted with**

Adductor machine
  • 30 reps total (dropsetting) 80lbs > 70lbs > 60lbs > 50lbs

Cable pull throughs
  • 12 reps @ 40-60lbs

**supersetted with**

Walking banded lunges
  • 15 reps each leg (walking down and back, with band around thighs)

Tabata finisher (download “timer app” or use this youtube video)
    • Single leg body weight glute bridge on bench (left leg) (20 sec)
    • rest (10 sec)
    • Squat jacks (20 sec)
    • rest (10 sec)
    • Single leg body weight glute bridge on bench (left leg) (20 sec)
    • rest (10 sec)
    • Squat jacks (20 sec)

Let me know what you think of this booty building workout (you will be sore) and if you like this and want more, you’re invited to join my Glute Gainz Project (beta) that starts on December 4th. Get 4 weeks of in-the-gym workouts for 90% off, by being a booty beta tester!


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