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What to do when you have a bad day…

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we all have bad days…in fact..i know it all too well, as i travel all across the country and run into all kinds of travel related inconveniences.


Ever been there? Checking in to your hotel at 10pm to find out they have over booked the hotel — so they are sending you to the ghetto hotel up the street where you seriously fear for your life? Then they are doing construction on that hotel so you hear banging and pounding from the floor above after you come home from a 2 hour commute in rush-hour traffic. Or the time when you miss your fight because you are stuck in Jersey traffic and your GPS takes you through downtown at 8am business commute time in the city. Or you lose your plane ticket and ID in the womens bathroom and your flight is boarding.

I could go on about all my travel woes for hours….but do ¬†you ever notice how your energy changes when you complain about things? Sometimes you just need to talk to your girlfriend about your day. But what I choose to do is just accept what happens and make the best of it. YOU have control over the things that happen in your day. Your day may go horribly and so many things happen that make you want to cry — so you just have to LAUGH.


I use visualization to get what I want. When I’m faced with a problem I just imagine the best possible outcome. I learned this from 3 books based on the Law of Attraction.


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Example 1: I missed my 10:30am flight and am told the next flight is at 2pm and is oversold by two people. The desk attendant tells me that I probably won’t be getting on this flight and will have to get the next one at 10pm.

First thoughts: I HATE this city! I can’t stand being here for even 10 more minutes, let alone 10 hours! I just want to be home right now and I just want to cry.

Right thoughts: Hmm, okay. Well I have my computer and hot spot so I bet I can get a lot of blogging done. And I have my comfortable back rest so it will be okay to sit here. Hey I hear her calling passengers names names now — CALL MY NAME.

Outcome: The desk attendant called my name! I got to board an overbooked flight because someone had missed the flight! I was on my way home finally and could not be happier!


Example 2: I went into the bathroom with my ID and plane ticket. When I came out of the bathroom it was lost.

First thoughts: Panic! I’m never going to be able to get on my flight. And I need to get my car registered. And what if I get pulled over when I’m driving this weekend!?

Right thoughts: Someone will find my ID and send it to me in the mail. Just relax. Feel your heart rate lowering. Be happy that you are on your way home to beautiful weather and it is Friday!

Outcome: I traveled the whole way home on the plane knowing that I would get my ID back. Once I got home, I went into the bathroom to change. I looked down and saw I had stuck my ID and ticket into my bra! I had my ID all along

These things actually happened to me and I used my visualization to make them happen. These things are known as coincidences — but really you are operating at the highest level of your consciousness and frequency. It sounds ridiculous and crazy until you start to have the life you’ve always wanted. And then — it all becomes real. Because reality is what you make it.

Even Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

In summary, what you think you know about a subject could limit your beliefs about the outcome. If you think you are not getting on that flight, then you are NOT getting on that flight. Try it with something simple. Visualize one of your long lost friends calling or texting you — and see how long it takes for that to happen.


-camy kennedy


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