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Hi! I'm Camy Kennedy, Mindset & Life Coach | Working with High Achievers & Recovering Perfectionists

From college athlete to demanding travel career to disability, gaining 25 pounds, then fighting for balance.

Camy Kennedy is a Mindset & Life Coach working with high achievers to help them own their health & happiness. With a background in molecular biology, neuroscience & psychology she provides a framework to practice being your potential self. She works with Recovering Perfectionists who embrace challenges as opportunities, while practicing self love and taking inspired action.

Camy moved across the country from PA to CA at age 19, and overcame body image issues, substance abuse, narcissistic relationships, financial challenges and health issues to find body positivity, abundance and healthy relationships.

Camy lived in Cary, NC for 5 years building a fitness and nutrition business. In early 2019, she moved to Fayetteville, NC to begin a values based life with her manifested man!

She’s been featured in Oxygen Magazine and Shape.com, as well as an international speaker. Camy traveled to Bali, Indonesia for a business retreat in 2018 and shares her key learnings during her events related to vision, values and self worth. Her 3 day Create.Believe.Conquer. women’s retreat is coming up in Spring 2020!

Camy loves all animals (including snakes and frogs) and owns 2 dogs and a cat. She also has a tattoo of a kangaroo from her month long trip to Australia after college 🙂

As a powerful transformational coach, Camy offers a FREE 2 hour deep dive coaching call to serve anyone ready to embrace their potential.

Book a call: www.camykennedy.com/call

Website: www.camykennedy.com

Insta: @camykennedy

Facebook: Official Camy Kennedy

FB Group: Camy Kennedy Mindset

Podcast: www.camykennedy.com/listen

What type of people do I work with? Find out.

Camy Kennedy, I’m a Belief Biologist | Spiritual Scientist

camy kennedy coaching mission statement

I think it is really important for you to get to know who you are working with and what the background and beliefs are. I consider myself a spiritual Christian and I will coach anyone who aligns energetically. That means whatever background, faith, religion, country, life structure, political affiliation, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. Those labels do not matter to me. I used to talk about myself as a Christian Coach, and I no longer do this because I feel like it limits me and puts me in a box of what people will consider it means to be Christian. Therefore, when I am getting to know a potential client I am open with them and invite them to be open with me.

Below are my Coaching Commitments:



I have done ALOT. When you coach with me, you will learn that I have an unexpected rebellious background, have been in jail (among other things) and have turned my life around through mindset and spirituality.

Committed to your breakthrough:

This means that I will reveal and reflect things back to you that may trigger you. Things that trigger us are often our biggest growth opportunities. When you begin to accept that everything in our life is “just a story” we begin to have power over our stories. Yet, breaking through our stories can suck. Straight up.


My commitment is to the simplest process for you and for me. I have systems in place for your coaching calls, worksheets, intake forms, etc. This is designed for you to track your progress and review monthly.

Borrowed Belief:

I will believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. That means I will expand your current limitations and ask you to grow. I will keep my energy at a high frequency and ask you to raise yours to your next level.

Toolbox & Toolbelt giver:

My purpose is to provide you with tools to use daily towards your progress and goals. This will require you to be open minded as many of these tools are “woo-woo” and for sure will make you feel weird.  Believe me, I’ve done the work (and continue to)  and I’m committed to breakthrough despite the level of perceived weirdness.

Brain & Biology:

I’m obsessed with all things brain and neurobiology. I often work with very intelligent people who thrive off of learning the knowledge to change their brain and beliefs. I will for sure nerd out on you on occasion if I feel it will help you to conceptualize the process and lead you to further growth.

If you’d like to know what you could possibly create by working with me, then reach out to book a call. These are complimentary and there is no obligation to coach with me moving forward. My mission is to help people own the power to transform their mindset and transform their life. www.camykennedy.com/call

Dynamic Speaker & Facilitator

I create dynamic presentations on the topics of women’s empowerment, confidence, wellness, health and mindset. As a facilitator, I create small group activities and interactive presentations to increase retention, and create lasting changes in attendees. To inquire about speaking engagements, booking me for a retreat or workshop, please send me an email: camy@camykennedy.com

camy kennedy womens empowerment speaker

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