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The Method That’s Helping Women Maintain During the Holidays

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We’ve all been there a time or two….the holidays roll around and we kind of just “give in” to the temptation to hang out in sweatpants, baking cookies and definitely NOT making time for the gym.  I spent Christmas 2013 like this and I’m hiding under a baggy sweater and stretchy pants.


But I’m all about breaking the rules and defying the norms. Let’s not be “normal” this holiday and let’s start January with a bang — instead of feeling regret as we try to squeeze into our favorite jeans! Join me, will you, as I show you how to be in control and become a #rulebreakerforlife .

Now I’m going to take you through my method to maintaining during the holidays. This is an except from my 30 day Holiday Nutrition Blueprint that you can get here.

Why do most women (and men) gain nearly 10 pounds during the holiday season?


     1. The first reason is that it’s easy to skip workouts when things get busy.

Creating a schedule (and holding yourself accountable) for getting in those set workouts is key for maintaining this season. We already know we are going to be eating more due to the holiday yummies, so we’ve really got to get our butt in the gym 

    2.  The second reason is because we are eating more snacks and treats along the way.

It all starts with that left over, on-sale Halloween candy! Yes, we are likely going to be presented with more treats everywhere we go – work, the grocery store, home and family’s houses. So we will likely be eating more! By following “eating in threes” whenever possible – we can combat the effect that carbohydrates have on our blood sugar levels that affect fat storage.

    3.  Thirdly, holiday parties, gatherings and family get-togethers are happening everywhere. Due to the holiday season, we tend to be more social, going out to eat, baking cookies for loved ones, and holding pot-lucks at work.

Part of this is going to the party prepared. Having your regular meals during the day, protein shakes, etc, will set you up for success when you have to go to a social gathering. Don’t skip meals and plan to binge eat everything at the party! I like to determine if the little snacks and appetizers are “worth it”. I’m not going to spend my night eating dry cupcakes that I don’t absolutely love! Toss that nasty little cupcake in the garbage (when the hostess is not looking of course) and move on to something more worthwhile….pumpkin pie, anyone?

    4.  Fourth, social drinking tends to increase during the holidays, which increases our likelihood to eat more, as well as decreases our chances of making it to an early morning workout.

Okay well – I know – drinking goes right along with the holidays. And if you must partake – count that as your carbohydrate for dinner and just stick the proteins when you are eating. Now, if you want to dive in for dessert as well, just consider how many drinks you’ve had. I usually go for dessert instead of drinks, but everyone is different. The deal here is to make sure you are having your drinks with food so you don’t totally lose control and go all out on the buffet table!

    5.  Lastly, yes, we are back to schedule. We tend to stop meal-prepping, so our entire day is filled with low quality foods in higher quantities than usual.

I love using the Crock Pot during busy times of the year because I’m lazy! That way you can have some yummy and healthy food in the fridge at all times, especially when you get home late after Christmas shopping, this can prevent you from doing drive-thru. Pack snacks with you always – protein shakes, protein bars, apples and almonds. Have water on hand so that you don’t end up buying a bag of chips to snack on while you are out!

I’ve got a bunch of really great easy to prep meals in my 30 day Nutrition Blueprint which you can get until 12/15/15 for only $3.99. Click here to get the blueprint and access to 30 days of great emails right to your inbox!

I used to be one of those dieters when I was attempting to compete in my first figure competition — I would go extreme for 12 weeks or so, get super lean (and starving) and then eat an entire cake by myself.

That is what makes us binge — deprivation and telling ourselves we “can’t have” such and such foods. Now I eat what I want, when I want, with whomever I want, and I don’t feel bad about it! I just do this with more education behind what I’m doing. This is why I now teach an 8 week online nutrition course that opens up a few times a year called The Better Method – it teaches women to learn to break the nutrition rules, and stay balanced the entire year. You can get on the waitlist here — get great content and be the first to know when this course opens up in January!

If you haven’t already read my blog post about Eating in Threes, then I suggest you catch up on some food knowledge before you continue here…

I’m wishing you all the best for the rest of the year and hope to see you over on my social media pages 🙂





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