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6 simple cures for better sleep

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what to do when your inner child tells you…

“but mom, i don’t want to go to sleep!”

(…i want to stay up and watch tv all night and look at instagram posts of superfit people and feel bad about myself instead, and then be too tired to get up in the morning to workout, and then as a result of not working out i will just decide to eat bad because i’ve convinced myself that all is lost anyways…and then i will continue this cycle and complain that i’m not reaching my goals so i must be a terrible lazy person.)


this inner child is not mature enough to know what is best for you and you now have to “parent yourself”. you know darn well that staying up late is not going to help you reach your goals — but it seems so much better now to stay up late doing meaningless things with your eyes looking at screens.


Woman sleeping.

check out this woman in her soft, cozy, fluffy bed getting the sleep her body needs. this is what a smart person looks like. and in the morning this smart person will wake up and reach her goals!


When you feel too excited, stressed, busy, angry, sad or depressed to go to sleep try these 6 simple cures for better sleep.


1. SCREENS OFF! take a weekly challenge of having no screens on in your room — yes that means your phone too! plug it in across the room and don’t stare at it before bed

2. sleepy time tea – a great way to relax before bed, with herbal ingredients that promote sleep and relaxation

3. read a book. preferably a mediation, self help type book, or a lighthearted fiction book that won’t cause you to have weird crazy dreams

4. write in a journal about the successes of your day, what you are thankful for, and how wonderfully you see tomorrow happening

5. actually try meditation. quiet your mind. let thoughts flow through and in and out. focus on your breathing and let your mind rest. focus on a single part of your body or a single sound in your room. relax. you can try an app (even though i said no screens – if you are unable to mediate on your own.)

6. do some weight training or exercise daily. your body will WANT sleep and you will be begging for your bed at night.

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