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11 Best Podcasts for Motivation & Mindset

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best podcasts for motivation
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Top 10 Podcasts for Mindset & Motivation

This podcast was one of the first ones I listened to when I was growing my fitness and nutrition business back in 2015. I appreciate the solo episodes as well as the guests! Past guests on the show have included powerhouses like Tony Robbins, Alanis Morissette, Scooter Braun, Julianne Hough, Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington, and so many more.

This podcast is by my mentors Jill Coleman and Danny-J. (Danny-J was actually my first guest on the Camy Kennedy Show Podcast back in 2017!) I love this show because the conversation flows from fitness, to relationships, to business and both of these women have been through LOTS and are totally open with sharing the lessons.  

This podcast was my go-to for many years when I was so caught up in scarcity. Honestly, this podcast triggered me a lot due to challenging my beliefs to think bigger. Thats why I highly suggest this one for anyone looking to make breakthroughs in money & business. Host Chris Harder interviews guests (and has solo episodes) proving that when good people make good money, they do great things! 

This podcast is great for learning more about health from top experts. Shawn has a voice that is very easy to listen to and he focuses a lot on how to optimize sleep. He’s interviewed one of my favorite speakers/authors, Lisa Nichols. 

Listening to Tim Ferriss will expand your mind and may challenge your beliefs. He explores the optimal way to do everything, from learning quicker, to working less. I love it because it shifts your perspective on what is possible, and he interviews diverse people, and big names such as Kevin Hart.

This podcast is for everyone – not just life coaches! What I love about it is in a short time, you can learn how to choose new beliefs and use the Model to get new results. I’m very intrigued to see that she tackles the issue of racism in America. Have a listen to that specific episode here

The Manifestation Babe podcast is an amazing way to fill your  mind and start your day. If you are new to the concept of Law Of Attraction and manifestation you will want to listen to this 100% of your day. If you are on the path, these interviews and stories are uplifting and inspiring.

4. The Sports Motivation Podcast – Olaniyi Sobomehin ( Niyi Sobo )

If you want a heavy dose of get it done, listen to this podcast on itunes or youtube. Niyi Sobo former NFL running back who helps high performance athletes build supreme confidence and DOMINATE under pressure. I’m Not You is the philosophy and systems he created to answer the question… How do you build supreme confidence, and ultimately dominate under pressure? What are the habits, the mindset, and the systems an athlete needs in order to consistently dominate? Need something to listen to when you workout? This is it! 

Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his SEALFIT Coaching team take on guests with subject matters that follow along with Mark’s 5 mountain training path of developing your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, and Kokoro (Heart) self. What I love about Mark and his content is that he has a type of spiritual path that is for the practical person. He is a big proponent of breath work, and other ways to optimize your health. 

Jay Shetty is phenomenal. He spent time as a monk and is now a life coach. I spent almost a year in his Genius coaching program and his podcast many times started my morning early at 5am. Listen on itunes or Youtube

It may be unexpected that I put this podcast as my #1, but I’ll tell you – this is my go-to when I need any motivation. The episodes are long usually 2-3 hours so I like to listen to them while I’m working out because I know they will keep going. Usually they are focused on military stories and leadership – yet it applies directly to life because I use these stories as perspectives. This is how I started getting up early when I was working on becoming a morning person. Highly recommend! 

It was after listening to many inspiring podcasts that I started my own in 2017 - called Camy Kennedy Show.

On the show, where we challenge limiting beliefs and make choices that empower our souls. The show brings tips, resources, interviews and practical steps to help you sharpen your mindset, overcome perfectionism, grow your faith and shift your perspective. Each episode is designed for you to take daily action for your mission, live inspired & serve well.  I invite you to listen to a few of my top episodes: 

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