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Does perfectionism keep you from “doing”?

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    the thing with perfectionism is that there is no winning at it. you can think and ponder and wish and dream all of the ways you think the thing should be. sometimes its a business project or sometimes its your body. but “good enough” is enough to get you started. having too high…

6 simple cures for better sleep

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what to do when your inner child tells you… “but mom, i don’t want to go to sleep!” (…i want to stay up and watch tv all night and look at instagram posts of superfit people and feel bad about myself instead, and then be too tired to get up in the morning to workout,…

How do I deal with stress?

150 150 Camy Kennedy

  “Too blessed to be Stressed“…   let’s not get crazy here — this is a title of a book that i picked up at the airport yesterday. the airport — which i am at bi-weekly on a destination somewhere across the country to sell stuff to people. stress = rush out the door to…

Get What You Want In 30 days

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  My April┬áChallenge:   what is holding you (me) back? we all have dreams and we all have things we want to accomplish. when it comes time to do what it takes to get these things…what do we do? yesterday i was sitting on my coach being lazy because sunday is the “day of rest”.…

The Insider’s Guide to the Business of Fitness Modeling

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After attending FMI last year I was motivated to start this website and start sharing my passion for fitness and healthy living. I am also encouraging anyone out there to “GO for IT!” If you want to be a Fitness Model then there are some affordable resources out there that can get you to where…

5 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better

150 150 Camy Kennedy

Everybody has the same struggles whether we want to admit it or not. Just because someone has a “fitness model” physique doesn’t mean that they never have problems with body image or staying on track. Here are 5 things you can do today to get started in the right direction: 1. Stop watching mindless TV…

How to cook Spaghetti Squash in the Microwave

410 1024 Camy Kennedy

5 Steps to A Low Carb Dinner: Microwave Spaghetti Squash   Poke holes in a medium sized Spaghetti Squash using a fork. Microwave on High for 10-12 minutes. Remove from microwave with OVEN MITS. ALLOW TO COOL! Slice and de-seed Red, Yellow, Green, and Orange peppers (onion optional). ┬áPlace in a microwave safe bowl, add…

Launching Camy Kennedy Consulting

150 150 Camy Kennedy

  Please stay tuned for updated content and information on the following: Nutritional Consulting Lifestyle Coaching Business Building Health & Wellness Mind Body Connection General Wellness Tips Hair & Make Up Tutorials Super Sunday Shoutout Overcoming Life Challenges & Depression How To Videos How to Make Friends in a New City Networking Resume & Interview…

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