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What to do when you mess up.

150 150 Camy Kennedy

What do you do when you mess up?   I’m writing this post as a response to my recent mess-up. I committed to writing a blog a day for the month of April and I didn’t post yesterday. I was traveling for work and had a very hectic day and I didn’t find the time…

Why change is good.

150 150 Camy Kennedy

Why is change good? Changing up y;our workouts will keep you from reaching a plateau. Adding in something fun to your workouts can keep you coming back. Doing group exercise has been shown to increase attendance. Having to schedule a workout gives you accountability.   What is Orange Theory Fitness and where can I find…

Protein Brownie Recipe

150 150 Camy Kennedy

  6 scoops Power Crunch proto whey Chocolate protein 1/2 cup almond flour/meal 6 packets stevia 2 tbsp. cocoa powder 1/2 cup egg whites 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp. water   Directions: Mix all dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients (add small amount of water until brownie batter consistency). Line 9 inch glass plan with…

Enjoy some wine and chocolate on the weekend!

150 150 Camy Kennedy

You can have your wine and chocolate (with protein). Want that glass of wine? You can! Just pair it with a protein and veggie such as steak and salad or chicken and green beans. This gives you a proper macronutrients in one meal — keeping your blood sugar stabilized and preventing your body from storing…

How can I get motivated?

150 150 Camy Kennedy

photo: David Bernie I have people ask me all the time — “How do you get motivated?”   Everyone is motivated by different things, and identifying what motivates you and keeps you on track is important. Start to ask yourself a few questions: How do you feel about your life right now? Are there some…

The importance of mindset.

150 150 Camy Kennedy

  The importance of mindset. What is it and how do you control it? I’d like to say that you can control your mind and responses every second of everyday, but that is just not possible. We are human and that means that we will always be emotional, and sometimes let our emotions control our…

Tax Time Again?

150 150 Camy Kennedy

$$ Yes, it’s Tax Time again.   And I am usually eager to get these buggers done so I can get sweet money in the bank. I have, however, had some life changes that have really made my taxes a pain in the lower region. So here I am tonight e-filing them to get my…

Feeling Vulnerable? Daring Greatly…

1 1 Camy Kennedy

Daring Greatly. Currently I’m listening to an audiobook suggested to me by AskAliciaLozano written by “Story Teller / Researcher” Brene Brown. You can view her TedTalk here. Brene’s topic of study is vulnerability and how being vulnerable affects every aspect of our lives. She cites authenticity as being the foundation for happiness, fulfillment, and connection.…

Yes. You CAN eat cookie dough and reach your goals!

150 150 Camy Kennedy

So you’re telling me I can eat cookie dough for breakfast???!! What!? That’s crazy talk.   Yes – you can eat cookie dough for breakfast — here’s how! It fits your macros — protein cookie dough. Recipe for the most satisfying (and seemingly sinful) breakfast or post workout meal:   Power Crunch Protein Cookie Dough…

Sunday Success: Prepare for the week ahead

1024 1020 Camy Kennedy

  Sundays are meant for resting and recovering, but also to prepare you for success in the upcoming week.   Here I share 5 things that can help you start off your week right. Pick just one (or 3) to try today and see the effects in your week ahead. With change, it’s best to…

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